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    F.U.M.F  NOW RECRUITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black ops 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This Clan is lvl 3 atm im lvling it by maself and now looking for ppl to joine the F.u.m.F ( Forever United MoFo ) or ( Fuk U Muda Fuka )It means We r a Clan that Dont tak crap from NO ONE and nothing can brak us. i Wont this clan to be the best it can be and i cant to that by maself so plz joine me and help take over CoD.

      Help to become a family and Friends.

      Well also be doing Snipin and Zombies

      I was also thinking of doing an in Clan compition but dont know how it would work if you have eny idear plz let  me know.    



      - K/D 1.30


      - Play all Mods


      - Active


      - 16+


      MY PSN: M_F_W_I_C_


      This clan will also have YOUTUBE SOON !!


      APPLY HERE :






      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        DONT DELAY APPLY TODAY     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!