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    Treyarch we need some attention att please!!

      Its been more than a week since the game start bugging, and no one have stated that there is a fix soon haven't you guys noticed why the people is in a downward count of the game? There is a big problem going on i know that you guys are busy but should do something its a paid service which means its should on maintenance 24h its not just me who is facing the problem but allot of people do, i cant join any lobbies and the game running slow sometimes even the xbox freez and i know its not my connection because its 40mb speed, 20mb upload, so please do something, its all started since the last update.

      Thank you.


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      I lost a whole week of my membership because of this, and yes i bought the xbox just to play black ops 2

      Please fix it

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          1. Not a paid service (Xbox live is a paid service)

          2. you not being able to connect perhaps isnt their fault/problem

          3.your speed test means nothing!

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            YusufX wrote:


            I lost a whole week of my membership because of this, and yes i bought the xbox just to play black ops 2


            That isn't Treyarch's problem. Not being able to connect to games could be on your end. Check you NAT type. It should be on the bottom right of your screen before searching for a game. Your bandwidth means nothing. Constant freezing could be from a scratch on you disk or a faulty disk.


            Note for you. If something is wrong for you they won't put out a fix just for you. There are more then 10 million people who bought the game on Xbox. They aren't going to make a special fix for you.

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                Hold on a sec my friend iam not the only one who is facing this problem more than 1000 player do! Google "I cant join any lobbies in black ops2" and you will see what iam talking about+ my search type is ANY and the connection is the best what we have here not according to speed test but according to the service provider and the bounce info is i have friends from UK middle east and canada which they suffring from this thing, my opinion is Treyarch should pay more attintion to the customers if your game running fine that doesnt mean everyone do! Living in hell not like living in heaven (old wisdom) and ofcourse its a prepaid service anything connected to XBL is sharing money, how do you think they pay for thier employee?  Not just from selling the game!

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                    Seriously when I read this....

                    There are people playing with tethering their mobile phones, there are people that have almost wooden connections and you blame the game devs?

                    Of course there are many people that have seriously connection problems caused by different reasons (nat type, no dns change, bad internetproviders, bad routers and much more).

                    This game is about speed, in this case connection speed so what could the devs do?

                    They can´t improve your isp/nat type/dns setting but those 3 parts cause the major problems.

                    You should try everything from here


                    if this won´t help you need to change your inetprovider or at least try a different router / modem.

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                      1.) If youre having a connection issue like that, you should click on the support link and submit a ticket. he forums are full of users just like yourself that are not affiliated with 3arch.


                      2.)Redneck is correct. There are plenty of things that could be wrong on your end. Submitting a ticket will get somebody to help you...in theory.


                      3.)"Game experience may change during online play" is there way of covering themselves from any legal repercussions. Meaning, we cant control the lag of the internet. You pay an online monthly fee for xboxlive who charges Activision for updates and services. Activision makes most of its money off of game sales which hit a billion dollars after its first 2 weeks. Also from merchandise sales. Certainly isnt getting money from Bill gates.


                      That all said, there is a problem right now with connections. There are rooms with everyone having 1 bar connections, I experienced it myself last night.

                      This happened about 2 months ago too. So we wait.

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                        you sir are mistaken the $60 or so you pay for XBL is for just that XBL if you call xbox and say CoD isnt working they are going to try and see if you have tried other games (now if other games wont connect they might be able to help you) if other games work they are going to tell you not their fault. Activision provides MP as an addition to the game you paid for.  Thats it, you payed for the campaign and everything else is a cherry on top.  They sink considerable resources into dev for all aspects of the game but the reality is you shouldn't expect them to be and they arent going to be at your disposal.  The only prepaid part of the CoD service is when you purchased your game or dlc. 

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                      Yeah, mine won't connect as of today.