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    to many squeakers/retards

      why cant people just be happy with the game. people are always going on about how certain guns are under/over powered. its stupid. the game has to have certain guns over/under powered so the game is intresting. otherwise the game would be boring and we might as well all use the same gun...

      The only problem i have with the multiplayer is when i click mute all, it dosent mute people without a mic in so if they plug it in i can hear them again, and when you have some 5 year old squeeling in your ear on a high killstreek its rather fustrating...also when other people join i can hear the new players. if i click mute all i want them ALL muted. not just the ones at the present time.


      also in zombies there is no punnishment for leaving a match in mid game. thats why so many people just leave. its really fustrating. if there was a probation for leaving 3 times in a row or something it would stop people leaving in mid game.