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    Really trasharch


      You are handing out probation even when someone does not dashboard. Douchebags

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          I back out sometimes 3-4 matches in a row. Not dashboard bit back out through the in game menu and have never gotten probation.  And name calling is ultra mature and will totally get your point across

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            I have never heard of probation for "backing out", agree, name calling will not solve anything.

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              OOOH another name calling thred. That will really hurt them. They are all going to cry now at TreyArch. good job, you did really well. Calling them a name on a forum they wont even read.


              Dont get enough attention in life so you looking for some freinds to hang around with on the forum ?


              How come i play all game modes and yet have to be put on probation ? Oh thats right I aint a quitter.

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                Here's a list of reasons why I have gotten probation.


                Dashboard - yea I'll admit it.

                Power outage

                Internet dropped

                Getting kicked from spectator mode. That's right....you don't even need to choose a class to get it.

                Reset modem in the Multiplayer Main Menu. You don't need to be in a game to get it either.

                Ghosts - I don't know how else to describe it. I was on probation and figured I would pay bills. I wrote the checks went out to mail em and when I come back to play I find out I am on probation again. No one was awake in the house and I saw that my probation was up while writing checks. My only answer is that the connection in this game sucks so bad that it even makes ghosts rage quit.