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    Discussion on TDM & FFA score per kill.

      So I  read that David Vondahaar has stated he wont increase score in TDM or FFa as he wants them to play more like Bare bones gun on gun.


      Remember Bare bones? yea me neither. Talk about boring. So TDM the once beloved game of so many has been turned into a 10 minute challange not to fall asleep at the controller, where you get a simple UAV after 5 kills, and everyone camps because no one has a clue where everyone else is hiding.


      So the fact that TDM has only half the people playing it at any one time as it once had, and easy to get killstreak modes like Kill confirmed are exploding shows that people clearly dont agree with Vahns no kill streak stance on TDM and FFA. To be fair its probaly not just Vahns decision, he probaly just designs it to seem like that to feed his over compensating ego!