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    KIG - KILLER INSTINCT GAMING is now recruiting for Black Ops 2 (XBox 360)

      You've just found the fastest-growing gaming community on the Xbox Live network -- We emphasize a mature, respectful, sportsmanlike gaming environment for maximum fun.



      If you're tired of immature, whiny, annoying, unsportsmanlike haters, then KI could be the place for you. Don't get us wrong, we appreciate a little healthy trash-talking as much as the next gamers, but we know how to do it without lowering our standards or using hate speech, etc. We just want to have a great time with like-minded friends, and leave the drama and name-calling at the door.



      If you're mature enough to appreciate this concept, then you can also appreciate why KI is the fastest-growing gaming community on the Xbox Live network. Join us today!



      About KIG:


      • Founded in 2009
      • +1,000 Active members
      • 30 Branches (Each branch contains 40-60 members)
      • Host Practices and Tournament
      • Ranking Structure
      • Every Branch is Active on Call of Duty Elite
      • Multiple YouTube Channels for Members and Branches
      • Website and Store



      Check us out!!! http://killerinstinctgaming.com/main/





      • Must be 18 years old
      • Must have mic
      • Must be a team player


      If this sounds like something you're interested in, please contact me on here or on XBL -- GT ThRiLLKi77a