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        40. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

        The Pro's DO NOT PLAY HC.


        This is why. Simple and plain, get over it. They're catering to MLG, and although the small forums community would like to disagree, you're either a part of that small elite group, or ignorant.


        - Younique

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          41. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

          What Vahn said about the low HC numbers is BS.  They're being as ignorant to HC as they are with every other issue people have with the game.  If they only have 4 slots for HC (which again I think is BS), why don't they have 1 of the slots roling on a weekly/bi-weekly basis giving people the variety they desire.  Or as other people have said - introduce a HC moshpit!


          I'm sick to death of peoples ignorance on here.  If people want more HC modes, why do core gamers feel the desire to troll?  Just don't get involved.  Go get involved in a core issue.  We want more HC modes, we can see no valid reason why there are no more HC modes and we're sick of the BS people give as to why we can't have more HC modes.  But then again people are also sick of the lag, overpowered SMG's, campers, head glitches, poor maps, spawn trappers, lag compensation etc etc and these issues are not resolved so why do we even bother?

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            42. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

            You know what? I'm sick of hc cry babies!


            Be glad you got anything because hc mode is an after thought that realistically NOT THAT MANY PEOPLE LIKE!


            Face it. Accept it.. Move on.


            Be glad you have what you have honestly, right now I have more respect for the competitive quick scoping community because they aren't crying day in and day out.


            They know that if they love a secondary game mode so much they can go play it in customs to their harts content.


            Hc mode ftl.


            So sick of the crying from you kids.

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              43. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

              I call bs.

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                44. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

                If you're so sick of trolling hc threads then stop, problem solved.

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                  45. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

                  The problem for you HC boys is Vahn, he seems to think the future of COD (or should that be the future of his big salary?) will come from Core and League.  There's a lot of moans and lot of unhappy HC people but as long as he's around your chances of a change are very slim.


                  I would say though that knocking Core will get you nowhere, there games are just different with not one being better than the other.  If your going to get Vahn to budge even slightly on this you need support of everyone who plays cod especially the big numbers who play core, start arguments with the core boys or slate the other side and you'll lose any support you had.


                  A lot of people who play core are a little scared of even trying HC, they think it's going to be too hard, that they'll be up against the top players, etc so you need to sell it to them, push the advantages, encourage more to at least try it and you might see the numbers grow.


                  All I see and hear is hc players knocking core, I virtually never see it happening the other way.

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                    46. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

                    Nah.. I try I post in most threads.


                    But hc guys need to come back down to reality.


                    Give your heads a shake guys. For real.


                    Hc is not call of duty. Far from it.


                    It's just a simpler more campy game mode and that's it


                    :) truth.

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                      47. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

                      * gives a hug *


                      It's ok, thanks for the bait though but I don't need a hug

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                        48. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

                        What an intelligent perspective.  I can't believe there aren't more quality non-trollers like you on these forums.  These forums are obviously for saying about how great the world is and how everything is so perfect.

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                          49. Re: Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

                          ...but hardcore is known as the simpler game mode?


                          Pros don't play hardcore, there areno hardcore tournaments, people don't make money playing hardcore. It's for people who have a harder time aiming and don't like moving around. This has been known since tey order added hc.


                          So no, most people aren't afraid to play it.


                          Truth about it is. If you play hardcore you have to camp and that's not fun. (For most people) hardcore is the campers dream. Hide around corners, wait for someone to crouch walk by and shot 2 bullets for the kill.


                          I'm 30. And I've always known hc to be for the guys who are even older then me. Because they want to lay prone for 5 minutes and wait for a guys to walk by lol. For real.


                          Also who on earth would ever want to play demo hc??? Talk camp fest around the bomb site lmao wow fun...

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