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    PS3 keeps freezing

      Does anyone have any ideas as to why my ps3 keeps freezing everytime i try to play black ops 2 online??

      Sometimes it freezes in the start match menu and other time it freezes just after a match starts.

      So far out of about 10 attempts in the last day or two i have had a 100% freeze rate.

      It only happens on my main account cause i tried it on another account (on the same ps3) and it works perfectly fine.

      I have also had 2x stats corruption resets in as many days.

      WTF is going on

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          Re: PS3 keeps freezing

          black ops and the errors on the game and its breaking our ps3s i think. this issue needs fixed be4 everyones systems crashes cause black ops 2. i kinda feel like they put the game freezing in it on purpose so all of our ps3s break so we go buy more ps3s so they get paid lol...jp

          Please fix your game already im tired of the constant game freezing and audio glitches on multiplayer and zombies

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            Re: PS3 keeps freezing

            im having the same issue and all activision can say is be patent i think its faulty coding causing our playstation's to over work and eventually overheat its ridiculous im also having a 100% freeze rate try going to the Bo2 multiplayer menu and then select options go all the way to the bottom and install textures it may work mine worked for like a day then went right back to freezing tryed everything restored factory settings cleared my hdd, cookie and cache runnning out of ideas they need to fix this

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              Re: PS3 keeps freezing

              These freezes were occurring on Black Ops mainly reported about looking at XMB, and in-game friends list. Some of us decided to disable message notifications to try and knock down some of these freezes. I haven't turned the notifications back on since then.

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