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    Patch makes this game unplayable

      i made it a point this time around not to complain too much about game play style issues since its one argument you will never win. and altho people camp like little babies its no longer something that makes me rage... but this patch is casing me to quit way too often.


      i have had plenty of ups and downs with this game and while i like the game itself i swear treyarch has some crap ass developers... first off this game since day one has made my ps3 hard freeze at least once a day. I also get sound issues where it just goes nuts and all i can hear is the voices and explosions. Now i have put up with all of these issues because for the most part unless i was host the game was playable and even enjoyable if i stayed offline at peak hours. But ever since this patch which fixes nothing on my ps3 freeze issues, and sound bug, but adds horrible connections to my list of problems now.


      Every game since the patch has been bugged with bad connections, it swears everyone has a good signal and yet the entire enemy team is skipping across the map like a 8bit retro game. theres nothing like shotting a guy and watching him skip bullets not register then he one shots you as if you never shot at him. i dont like playign at a disatvantage every single game because of the lag issues not to mention when im host i move a much slower speed than if im not host


      how do you **** up so bad when you put your name on a product. I do wed development and design and i wont put out any work with my name on it if its not perfect or damn near close. I guess thats because i give a damn about my reputation and my clients. as a whole activision should be ashamed of the product they put out each year. while all games have issues it seems like the cod series is the worst plauged by issues most gamers dont have to endure.


      i hated mw3 with a passion for all of its connection issues and hit detection problems but damnit this game is by far more frustrating. Seriously how can you **** up so bad from ops 1 which was great. i had zero issues in black ops and mw2 other than hackers. fix the damn game and im not whining about it because i suck at the game. through all of this crap i maintained a 2.14 kd 455spm and almost master prestige. i would love to be able to finish out my prestige keeping my half way decent scores intact. please fix this game or give me back the connection options from last time where i never loaded into a lobby outside of my local area. Does anyone understand why they even removed that option...

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          Re: Patch makes this game unplayable

          Hi, I am Prestige 8 now - and was about to buy "Season Pass" because I felt comfortable with BO2 until yesterday (even if I had the same issues in BO2 then you reported here).


          Since yesterday the game has changed 180° to me - I was unable to win even one of the 5 DOM-Matches we´ve played. We are a "DOM-Clan", I do more than 390 score/min, have a 1.23 K/D as a rusher and 66% W/L, over 800 wins...


          The lobbies looked pretty good (everyone seemed to have 4/4 connection bars (even during the match!) - but this could not be the whole truth!

          I´ve played two matches on "Standoff", one each on "Drone", "Raid" and "Cargo".

          I do know to handle with "Campers" - as we met bunches of them in all that matches...but:

          My impression was: They all started to camp because they had already noticed the game has changed!

          Normally I am "quick and precise", using MSMC with FMJ or the FAL OSW with Firemode, TAC-45 as secondary weapon. Normally my set should kill with maximum of 5 hits, 2-3 in closew combat and body-shots. Yesterday I could shoot 15 rounds into their heads from 3-5 metres - and they walked around me to kill me from behind...!? Not all of them - but on "long-ranges" nothing killed them. On medium range, I needed full mags to succeed - while the targets moved away without showing any reaction!


          Example: On "Raid" three of them tried to cap "B", I came back from "A" walking down the area around the "pool", stepped up the stairs to the stone-garden, threw a well placed flashbang to "B" and started shooting on three enemies lying at "B" showing me their back or sides!

          I shot with the "FAL". Nothing happened. They stood up, walked straight to the stone garden, one jumped into it, and shot me. I hit him minium 10 times but I got killed by his first shot with his M8A1....?!


          It sucks. I will watch out, what it will be tonight - and if it´s the same damn ****, I will probably sell it until next weekend!


          I am utterly disappointed, frustrated and angry. Playing CoD since CoD4 - but now it might be "over"!

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            Re: Patch makes this game unplayable

            I'm on the 360, but can't believe how bad it has got.


            Some of things I see more and more of:

            - Almost every gamey I am seconds behind. I die without warning, then the game shows someones shooting me after I'm already dead (not kill cam). It's an insult.

            - When a enemey abd I are very close, the aim assist aims me at my own feet. A sure fire way to get you killed.

            - While in the main menu trying to get a game, a repeated error comes up saying "error modifying session". It might do that ten attempts at getting a game in a row.

            - One game kdr of 0.5, next game 4,5 or 6. I'm neither that bad or that good.


            I'm going to back out of these rubbish games, always.


            Then... probation warning. If I got perma banned it would probably be a relief.


            The game is an embarassment. 3arch should remove the probation BS and issue a public appology. Almost the same game is released every year, and it gets worse every year. How is that possible?

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              Re: Patch makes this game unplayable

              I wouldn't be surprised if they were trying to ruin the Real MP playlists to try and get people to switch to League Play. Think about it. Most of the updates have been for League Play, they made adjustments to to weapons, but they aren't really going to be noticed within the REAL MP playlist because they haven't made network performance/functionality enhancements, they boosted the Xp rewarded within League Play for winning and losing. That's no coincindence. Also look at how they keep touting the League Play every chance they get. Also, the notorious message from Vahn... "I don't see ANY difference between 3-4 bar play". How in the hell can a Director say there is no difference in connectivity, when there is more than ample proof (not from theater) suggesting otherwise?

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                  Re: Patch makes this game unplayable

                  The connection bars do not show the "real" connectivity - it´s all about "PING" and then "Lag-Comp"!


                  I could succeed with 3 bars out of 4 - and totally lose with 4/4 against people with 2/4 or 3/4!


                  My PING has been 28-32 ms until something might have changed in our neighbourhood - now it´s only 40-49ms...(and I really would like to know the reason!)...


                  Even with that "50ms" PING BO2 was playable (I did over 60 kills/match already in KC and DOM without camping, VTOL, Loadstar or using "Stealth"...)...


                  On last weekends "Clan-Operation" I usually had 2,0++ K/D´s (KC and TDM) - and rather no connectivity issues. Yesterday it´s been the maximum opposite! It´s been all about connectivity!


                  You´re right: CoD is becoming worse and worse every year! Even more since that ****** PS3 jailbreak was made!

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                  Re: Patch makes this game unplayable

                  Wonder if the new map packs have fragmented the player base. Haven't seen away to turn the off either.

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                      Re: Patch makes this game unplayable

                           It's funny, people on this forum thinks the game runs flawless on Xbox, but your experience contradicts that.


                           I read somewhere they are going to integrate DLC and non DLC in the same lobbies.  Their matchmaking works so good right now, what could go wrong, eh?

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                      Re: Patch makes this game unplayable

                      this is bitter sweet im glad im not the only one having these issues but it also sucks because it confirms that this patch broke the game for a lot of people. i still havent been able to play one full game in about 4 days.. i actually just got forced offline following a sound glitch right into a hard freeze.


                      this is getting ridiculous i was planning on picking up the dlc or season pass until the patch came out. ironically i thought this patch was suppose to give us better play since we no longer ping into games in other countries unless we have the connection type set to ¨any¨. meaning we play against games that should be closer to us and i have seen a lot more players in my area but the connections are worse than games where ive been playing clans from overseas.


                      im not sure how as a developer you can get this so wrong and as one commenter above posted that troll vahndahar is lying you cant play this game and tell me you dont see any lag or the game is completely playable on a 3/4 bar.


                      i sat in a corner and left my status screen up to see the connections for a full game.. i swear you would be amazed how many times players were dropping between 2 and 4 bars and then hearing players complain about lag.


                      on nuketown i was in the process of a triple kill with no players looking my direction when i suddenly died.. watching the replay amazingly one player was apparently directly infront of me and in my face yet from my view which was a straight on shot he wasnt in the picture at all.. its was as if he was there the whole time..


                      now my eye sight is 20/15 and i have pretty good reflexes and i rush constantly, maybe im losing it but i think i can tell if there was a guy running straight at me down the sights of my gun .


                      i might ive the game a try for another 5 games after that im playing something else until this crap is addressed... i play to enjoy myself and this is far from my definition of joy

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