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    Turn probation back off

      I earned a probation because I quit one match because my teammates weren't collecting any of their tags and from the sounds of their mics they were dying on purpose. I then left the next match I was put into because it was 65 to 21 and the highest guy on my team was 7-21. I then teamkilled the next game because my own team were again, not collecting their tags and I was pissed.


      Fine I deserved a probation, so I served it and got put into another game.


      I then avoided some guy's semtex, shot his teammate and then flanked him real quick and killed him. He then proceeded to dashboard and I ended up getting another probation because of his ****** ass. That's where this system is majorly broken. It's bad enough that the game is making me play matches that I don't get any enjoyment out of, (that's why I try to play this game) but then it also punishes me for other people's actions. The actions that actually deserve to be punished.


      Not to mention that before this probation crap was brought back, migrations actually worked 80% of the time. Now it seems like it fails 80% of the time.

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          I hate this stupid probation lark.  I don't dashboard, but I have teamkilled.  I should watch out better before you guys say it but still probation is BS.  As someone said in another post if you want to stop dashboarding take out stats problem solved.  But hey i'm just talking to you guys treyarch will not read these posts and from what I can tell more people are are for the probation than against.

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            I'm lost if your team don't pick up tags you lose, But if you quit you still get loss. Explain your reason for quiting. Not trying to be a jerk just really don't understand why.

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                Surely the game being fun counts for something.  If i'm playing hijacked and can't get out of spawn i'm off that's not fun.  Sometimes I can pull it back and get out and others I can't.  If i'm on a game with boosters who have scorestreaks up I ain't sticking around either.  That's the only times I genrally back out or major lag.  I personally think no ded servers then they shouldn't be allowed to have this system in pllace why should we have to suffer for their cheapness.  As for your argument FOR stats what do they prove most people have cheated to get KDR and W/L doesn't mean jack if people dashboard.

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                    He gave the reason because people didn't pick up tags. Said nothing about fun, My only point was you get lose ether way. So why quit wait till game is over find new lobby. If you choose to quit you get probation Which i think should be and hour.

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                  I feel no one should get probation unless they're host, and/or in a party.

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                      How do you know your host or not ? I have left games but not for reasons that get posted on here I think I have left 3 or 4 in all the time I have been playing... eg someone has turned up at the house to see me or I have had to get the phone.


                      Not because I am getting a good kicking by a team or been put in a game with no chance of winning.


                      Only one of them times I was hosting but I didn't know. So how do I know?

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                      If you are that pissed you should probably take a break anyway.

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                        You werent placed on probation over three incidents.  you were placed on probation because of a history of rage quitting when things didnt go your way.  or how did you put it?  when the game wasnt any fun.  yeah  everyone likes to win but there are 2 teams and one of them is likely to lose.  rage quitting is ruining this game.  youre mad cuz you got dumped into a hopeless match where youre behind 30 kills already?  so you quit?  well it was a quitter that left his team short in the first place that made that spot open for you.  quitting isnt the answer.  no one is going to win every match.  try to show some sportsmanship.  youre online crying because youre a quitter.  no one cares

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                            So i've looked and can't find it.... Where is the "details" of how probation works.  I'm not a rage quitter but I have had a lot of friendly fire in hardcore (which i'm working to improve).  how long before i'm "off" probation?


                            Probation is really making me not want to play, AND NOT ABLE!

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                              There's a difference between losing and not even trying. I have no problem losing if at least my team is trying. I've joined matches that were down but my team was at least trying, so I hopped in and tried to help. Most of the time we still lost but it got closer, sometimes we actually came back and won and even had one game last night that ended up being a draw.


                              My issue for why I quit so often is the exact same in battlefield. There are far too many players who don't even try. They go online to screw around and completely ignore the fact that they are ruining the game for the other players unfortunately put on their team.


                              And the game doesn't seem to balance very well either. You get teams that either dominate or get dominated far too often. Very rarely are games ever all that close.

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                              If your that pissed I gear sonics a good game or ridge racer.


                              Just chill enjoy the game kill some enemy's get your points then start a new game eas.

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                                I for one am tired of beeing left alone in the lobby as soon as the enemy gets dogs and/or a swarm.

                                Serves all those cowards right for leaving me to kill the enemy dogs all by myself.


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                                  i get booted plenty and never have i gotten probation. u are getting probation for exiting games by signing out of psn like a noob so u can save your stats. stop being a sore loser and maybe probation wont be a problem for you.

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                                      Exactly. I have been booted from many games for no reasons & have never gotten probation. None of my friends have ever recieved probation too. Maybe you should stop dashboarding and you wont get on probation

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                                        Apparently you can't ******* read. I got put on probation because I backed out of 3 games in a short period of time, I admitted that.


                                        However, I should not get put back on it the next time someone dashboards me.


                                        I've never dashboarded in my life. Up until BO1 I didn't even know what the **** dashboard meant.


                                        And I don't leave because I care about my stats. I leave because it's my choice to not play games where my team isn't trying.


                                        But that's the real problem. Everyone is allowed to make their choice to go for 360 sniper no scopes and use an rpg the entire match to get kills because they paid for the game and they can do what they want, but I can't make the choice to leave games where these idiots are screwing around or I get punished.


                                        I encounter these ******** so often because the majority of online players are these idiots. Hence I leave a lot. Add in the game is more unstable and F CK YOU.


                                        But your response is expected from being a fan and a *** using XxxX BS.

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                                        And maybe if CoD could make a game that ran with more than 6 people per team, the odd person leaving wouldn't matter so much. At least with battlefield, you can actually tell who are the cowards leaving  because of losing because unless the entire team leaves, you don't even notice that one or two people who are just looking for a good game.


                                        But they can't even handle 6 and ground war has never worked.

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                                          It is goofy that you got put back on probation for someone else dashbaording.




                                          had you not rage quitted so much in the 1st place, you would never have gotten probation at all.


                                          Food for thought,

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                                            I'm ok with the probation. It reminds to take a break, have a coffee or so


                                            Esp. my eyes feel happy about that!


                                            Just a reminder that you need stay on the MP menu. Otherwise if you leave the game and start again the countdown of 5 min starts again!

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                                              I see both sides of the issue when it comes to Probation .......


                                              Playing in a game that is so damn laggy isnt fun....try as you may your playing a game your a good 1 second behind the enemy.......it sucks


                                              I also understand (have been told anyway)it puts a load a load on the servers when people jump in and out


                                              IF the Host leaves the game and a Migration fails to take place ....boom we all get kicked and that sucks for us who are not having problems beyond our control


                                              I can say i have never left a game because we were losing....or what my team mates were doing.....i could care less how you play ..........yes i think if its an objective game you should try to get the objectives........but if you dont....thats your loss of points not mine......(I play HC/KC) so if you dont get those tags......i damn sure will or die trying LOL .



                                              I have received 3 probations since they started handing them out.......the first one i was guilty as charged......all i hit that morning was one laggy lobby after another, where i would die then see the player appear in fornt of me..........the next two probations came that night while playing in a party, I was party leader.....after a match was over i would back out the party to pick up another teammate ...i did this twice and got probations both times .........I backed the party out from the Pre-game screen......but i did this just as soon as we got back to the pre-game area........so i assumed the servers had not updated or cleared me off of the game yet...


                                              The Probations, have seemed to slow down some players you decide to kill teammates to get kicked instead of just leaving a game......or kill you to get Care packages...

                                              I SAID slowed down not stopped LOL