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    Really?  How Bad is this System?!!!!

      So I went into a game for kill confirmed and saw a guy running around with a remington semi-auto.  At first I thought it was a perk or something but nope, guy would run around with this gun, without pumping it for the next shot.   It even says the gun is pump action but he's going around with it, almost on full auto.  So I want to report the guy, well to do that since the game ended before I could bring up the scores.  I also don't want to play another game with this crowd (there were three of them doing this).  Why can't I bring up the action report when I'm in the multiplayer lobby, maybe even the public match lobby, but no I have to be in a game, which then could remove the chance of me bringing it up in case I end up in an already going game.  And even when I was able to bring it up, I couldn't bring up his gamercard cause you can't do that also.  Seriously, its now become a meme "At least its not as broken as COD BO 2!"  Horrible knifing system, bad hit markers and accuracy problems, balancing issues, lag, and on and on.