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    How come?

      Just to point out, this is a rant....


      How come whenever I try to play BO2 at night I get disconnected every 5 minutes?

      How come whenever I play during the day it seems to work fine?

      How come I have a decent internet connection and yet only when I play BO2 it goes all hay wire?

      How come I an unable to connect to the BO2 servers as they are "unavailable" two or three time before I can connect?

      (Edit) How come my PS3 freezes at least once a week when I play BO2?

      How come I get "alien noises*" at least once a week when I play BO2

      How come I have never experienced these problems before?


      Answer me this Treyarch, how come?


      Yes my NAT Type is Moderate, I have DSL so their is not much I can do. No, I'm not going to spend an extra $40 a month to "upgrade" my internet when it probably won't even make a difference.


      alien noises - when the game sound goes out and you experience the weird static crap


      End of Rant