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        40. Re: 24.106.17

        It's also very hard to play without aim assist. If no one had Aim Assist the game would be a spray feast (Which I wouldn't mind)

        But they should nerf how strong AA locks onto enemies.

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          41. Re: 24.106.17



          Just tell Vonderhaar you're puttting in MLG pro competitive gaming stuff in or something and sneak those footsteps in.

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            42. Re: 24.106.17

            Like I said I don't use it so it doesn't really matter. I'm talking more about principle (dev reaction to DA vs Wiimote). BUUUUUT...if you found something that required you to pull it - I can trust you on that. Just please take care of the behind-the-wall assist at some point for both controllers. Thanks.


            PS - any crabbyness you find with my posts have to do with that maddening 5 double kills with the SMAW (AKA: rocket with the blast radius of a nickel and accuracy of a drunken sailor) challenge. I haven't cursed so much in my life.

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              43. Re: 24.106.17

              Sneak hearable footsteps into the next patch gogogogogo

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                44. Re: 24.106.17

                Ohhh...that too. Everyone wearing slippers gets on my nerves.

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                  45. Re: 24.106.17

                  That's why it's called a "challenge."  Alright, that sucked, sorry. 


                  Honestly, after the amount of "feedback" we have received on Wii Remote, we couldn't afford this horrible an exploit to be out there after we worked so hard to get the controls feeling good.  I'd rather take the PR hit for pulling it for now than the potential hit if we'd left it.

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                    46. Re: 24.106.17

                    Need that sad trombone sound you play when a bad joke is made, LOL.


                    Alright...I understand where you are coming from.


                    But do you get where I'm coming from in regards to DA "feedback" and dev action versus Wiimote "feedback" and dev action?


                    OR - does the magnitude of the exploit render my argument about principle...moot?

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                      47. Re: 24.106.17

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                        48. Re: 24.106.17

                        LMAO...yeah. That!

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                          49. Re: 24.106.17

                          Ummm, I don't really agree. I've seen plenty of people who know how to aim. If I didn't know how to aim as a Wii Mote user against those DA kids me k/d would be like 0.5

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