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        The Wiimote was overpowered in MW3 so what's your point?

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          Wiimote Aim Assist RIP. It was fun and funny while you lasted.

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            Eh, you're right.....somewhat. There's plenty of circumstances where using an AR beats the SMG. For example, with the Wii Mote at range you're going to get recoil with an SMG. I do way better on Raid with an AR than an SMG. On DA though, you're totally right. Since there's very little recoil, you might as well use an SMG.

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              Yeah, totally agree, a good player doesn't need aim assist. If players on the DA can't aim without aim assist, they should try learning how to aim. Or they could switch to the Wii Mote. I guess Treyarch has to be nice to those little kids so become sad and all rage quit. Not trying to be offensive, just I don't see why aim assist is required. Not bashing Treyarch in any way because I know their goal is to make money and I understand. Also, a cool alternative would be a seperate playlist with no aim assist.

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                Was the Target Assist also shut off in zombies? It sure is annoying in zombies as well, hope you guys fix it.

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                  I play without Aim assist and I have the acciracy of a DA user with Aimbot.

                  Learn to play without it, it's really useful.

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                    My name is M4GNUM and I'm a Wiimoter.




                    I don't use aim assist, but on behalf of those that do - I find a little BS going on here. Wiimoters (and some DA) complained about certain DA behaviors for weeks on end and...nothing. No response, no patching, etc. Now DA (and some Wiimoters like myself) complain for a few days and...the world stops. Wiimoters get shut down.


                    Like I've said all along - once a player reaches a certain KDR...turn aim assist off automatically. For both controllers. And fix the through-the-wall aim assist for both controllers.


                    Thank you for continuing to fix the Wiimote - but c'mon. Something's up here.

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                        Fun is not the word I would use.  We aren't demoting it back.  We're fixing a problem.  Nice user name.

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                          Nothing is up here.  It's coming back.  I have no interest in sharing the exploits we found today that resulted in us pulling it temporarily.

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