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    Finally started getting Swarms.

      This thread might make me sound like a noob to some, but I finally have a good system down and thought I'd share. I'm prestige 9 right now, and used my last two tokens on the Orbital VSAT and Swarm. I played last night and during the last hour I got 3 Swarms on 6v6 domination (Overflow, Plaza, and Slums). The key is to get 2-3 captures, and about 6 kills. Once you have a VSAT it's easy mode, and you can rush like a maniac while getting multi-kills with C4 and an SMG.


      I use a trophy system since grenades are spammed like crazy, and it's easy points. I always throw a trophy down on B if I have one, it'll sometimes get 100+ points (one detected projectile could destroy two projectiles, and cause damage assist or kill an enemy). A trophy system also encourages people to jump on flags if they aren't using Flak Jacket or Tactical Mask. Having a sniper rifle is good too, since it's the most effective way to hold the enemy back when the map is under control.


      This is my class setup:


      Wild cards: Perk 1 greed, Overkill

      Primary: MP7, silencer

      Secondary: Sniper rifle (Any sniper rifle will work)

      Perk 1: Flak Jacket, Ghost

      Perk 2: Scavenger

      Perk 3: None

      Tactical: Trophy System

      Lethal: C4




      1st: Orbital VSAT

      2nd: Lodestar (Any 12+ scorestreak works)

      3rd: Swarm


      If you struggle to get your VSAT then try my setup, it won't dissapoint on Domination.

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          Re: Finally started getting Swarms.

          Of course you are using the MP7. That mofo is OP.

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            Re: Finally started getting Swarms.

            your playing with complete safe mode thou


            thats cool that your getting swarms, but using a silencer, and ghost I personally look at it poorly.


            there has to be a balance


            for example i do use the target finder, but i dont use a silencer, id ont use dexterity, or hardline, or ghost, so i am very much on the map


            when i see players use a silencer and ghost, it just masks their skill level IMO

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              Re: Finally started getting Swarms.

              i would say that the secret to getting swarm is that you need to get lucky with connection.

              this is my personal belief from experience, 10+ days on BO2


              10% class/scorestreak setup

              20% map knowledge

              20% skill/reaction

              50% favourable connection


              if you get lucky with the connection, you will become invincible and people will just drop dead when you enter the same room as them.

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                  Re: Finally started getting Swarms.

                  True, lag is not good. This game hasn't been that bad for me though, I don't have the fastest internet so I'm never host but I always have a 4 bar connection. If the playing field (lag) isn't even, then it's nearly impossible to win gunfights unless you shoot them in the side or the back. That's where the VSAT comes in handy, it allows you to still kill the enemy even if your bullets aren't registering. It's probably the greatest scorestreak of all time and makes the game that much more enjoyable.

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                  Re: Finally started getting Swarms.


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                    Re: Finally started getting Swarms.

                    I've found swarm to be very hit and miss in terms of getting you kills.  If most of the enemy are running blind eye you can be lucky to get 2-3 kills, which really isn't worthy of the effort to get.  Obviously if the enemy aren't running blind eye then it can be a great reward.  But any person facing a swarm with half a brain dies once and switches to a class with blind eye.  If everybody did that then you'd never get more than six kills with a swarm in a regular game.


                    I only play domination, and I find hellstorm and lightning strike the best for racking up a good kill rate.  At least with them it doesn't matter what the enemy runs, drop it on flags or their spawn area and you are guarantee'd kills and you can get three or four of each in one match.

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                      Re: Finally started getting Swarms.

                      Yeah, some people will back out even if they hear that the enemy has a VSAT. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm on PS3, but whenever a high scorestreak gets put up only half of the lobby seems to quit lol. If the host sucks, nobody seems to rejoin...otherwise new players will keep coming in.

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