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    Finally started getting Swarms.

      This thread might make me sound like a noob to some, but I finally have a good system down and thought I'd share. I'm prestige 9 right now, and used my last two tokens on the Orbital VSAT and Swarm. I played last night and during the last hour I got 3 Swarms on 6v6 domination (Overflow, Plaza, and Slums). The key is to get 2-3 captures, and about 6 kills. Once you have a VSAT it's easy mode, and you can rush like a maniac while getting multi-kills with C4 and an SMG.


      I use a trophy system since grenades are spammed like crazy, and it's easy points. I always throw a trophy down on B if I have one, it'll sometimes get 100+ points (one detected projectile could destroy two projectiles, and cause damage assist or kill an enemy). A trophy system also encourages people to jump on flags if they aren't using Flak Jacket or Tactical Mask. Having a sniper rifle is good too, since it's the most effective way to hold the enemy back when the map is under control.


      This is my class setup:


      Wild cards: Perk 1 greed, Overkill

      Primary: MP7, silencer

      Secondary: Sniper rifle (Any sniper rifle will work)

      Perk 1: Flak Jacket, Ghost

      Perk 2: Scavenger

      Perk 3: None

      Tactical: Trophy System

      Lethal: C4




      1st: Orbital VSAT

      2nd: Lodestar (Any 12+ scorestreak works)

      3rd: Swarm


      If you struggle to get your VSAT then try my setup, it won't dissapoint on Domination.