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    Window Clipping

      Im not sure if you guys have ever seen this, my guess would be that you haven't, but it's something I picked up from playing in gamebattles tourneys and watching the sick streams from pro tournaments around the world. One thing that I noticed is that pro players put themselves in harms way as little as possible to capitalize on over aggressive players, and this is one strategy that most have seemed to master. What do you guys think? Is it cheap and campy, or just a smarter way to play?


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          Well that depends what you deem keeping themselves out of harms way. If that means they have to crouch in a black corner to avoid being shot then I would not call them pro players but rather pathetic. If you are talking more about stepping behind a corner for a second because a UAV gave away an enemy running towards you then thats just a smart move.

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              It's more less playing the objective in a way thats much smarter than most average players, and one of those strategies is window clipping. I think the video does a pretty good job of explaining the difference between the two.

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              this is like basic COD 101.