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    Spawn trapping is annoying - and unfair!

      Some one just asked how to get "Super Killer" Medal - and some say: "Go spawn trapping" on Raid/DOM...


      Spawn trapping is unfair, far away from playing the objective (in DOM, etc.) - and utterly annoying to all "legit" players in that match!


      If I discover enemy players who spawn trap me in DOM-matches - and who also camp far away from the objective, I do leave those matches instantly if they reached their score-streaks like VTOL, Dogs, Swarm!

      I do respect players who receive those score-streaks without camping and spawn trapping (or using "Stealth") - but I hate those "cowardly noobish ***holes"!


      btw: Most of those littel ****erds are also Prestige-Glitchers/Boosters...


      Why are there so many players who can´t play fair - and like reak men with balls!?

      The others should better go and buy themselves some eggs ;o)


      Opinions please.

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          did u just say players who recive there ss without using stealth cause to be honest u need atleast common sense to flank the enemy



          they dont play fair cause is life fair no life is not fair is ur mom fair no is ur dad no is ur teacher no is ur gf no so y are u crying that the game is not fair cause nothing in life is ever fair

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              When you´re playing a GAME you have the choice to play close to the rules and to the objective - or you can play unfair, cheating to the rules and deny to play the objective - but you are always playing against others who don´t agree with your point of view...


              My opinion is: Every game (either on a screen or on an field) bevomes utterly useless if one party is breaking the rules - even the "non written rules"of fair-play!


              I´m not "crying" - I´m just bored by people who have no balls in their pants - and obviously need to play beside the objective and breaking all rules of fair-play.

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                  lol and that brings up another thing rules are meant to be broken only then new rules are invented



                  leaving games is not a fair play thats a rule broken


                  so now they brought in the probation

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                    I think balance is the key I always run to plant and wish I had someone standing back to cover me.


                    I also have a class set for when the team is spawn trapped its called spary n pray time.


                    It's all part of the game in any game whatever it is someone always says thats cheating o dont agree to get to a point in a game that you a spawn trapped then unlucky fight back and do the same to them.

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                  I don't care how others play I just play for the fun of the game and that's about it.


                  I don't leave games no matter how baddly I am doing or if put in a game half way because some noob can't stand to get a bad kd or score in a game.... 9-10 times you know when your put in a game its going to be a loss.


                  It's all part of the game spawn traps happen fight your way out or at least try.

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                    You can't get spawn trapped unless your team lets them do so. I have a specific class to help me when my team is getting spawn trapped.


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