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    I am banned on ps3 for no reason whatsoever

      I got banned for 6 days for no reason, it doesn't tell me why, it just says i'm banned for 6 days, i just got my zombie rank back,i can't play either multiplayer or zombies. This just isn't fair on me, people with the master prestige glitch should be banned, not me

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          I'm surprised that it didn't say why but the typical reasons are boosting, glitching or offensive emblem.  You can try contacting Activision Support but I think that all they can tell you is that you are banned but not the reason for it.  3arch does the banning as far as I know and no one that I'm aware of knows of a contact point within 3arch for discussing it.  What I can tell you is that if you've been found guilty of boosting or glitching you can expect to received a full reset once your suspension is lifted.  That seems to be the trend.  However, I obviously have no insight whatsoever into your particular situation.

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            We understand the confusion that an in-game or in-service ban may bring, but challenging the merit of one is prohibited on our board. Ban appeals and discussions are simply not allowed.

            We moderators and your peers on this forum are not responsible for your ban and can not provide you any resolution to it.

            For further information please read our Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy.


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