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    PS3 Zombie Team

      All, I am looking to put together a team of smart work-together type players for Zombies on PS3. If you're selfish, a quitter, unreliable, do NOT know what is TEAMWORK, or if you think you're the best player ever, I don't want to play with you. I want committed, intelligent, level headed people that enjoy Zombies maybe better than MP to complete all the EE's to come the rest of the DLC season. I've completed the Tranzit side EE for Richtofen twice and Maxis three times for the fun of it. I would not be averse to doing them again if anyone needs help. I do have the Season Pass.


      Also IF anyone wants to go back to BlackOps and complete those EE's add me since I hardly played Zombies then and I would like to finish all those EE's. I DO have all the DLC for BlackOps 1.


      ADD: Sergeant-RAZOR


      03FEB Update: I neglected to mention a couple things. Namely, my Time Zone. I am on the East coast of the United States. I also play with a Tritton AXPro headset with a mic of course. So please have a working headset with a microphone. If you play with your speakers blaring in the background it does not help game play. I hate to say these things because to me, they are obvious but I see to a lot of other people certain things are not in their "common sense." I have a full bank account and am not selfish but I am not going to empty it out to share with other people who get downed every 5 minutes, don't know how to say please and thank you, etc.


      Seriously, WTF!



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          Are you an adult? I hate playing with squeekers. I would guess you have the season pass?


          Anyways I'm on the East Coast and have two accounts. One is for Richtofen related eggs and pro play (shotguns lol) and the other is for Maxis and screwing around/learning maps. I'm a great point whore and I've always been. I don't have a problem opening doors and stuff.. I bust my ass to revive people if I think I can.


          SickShotzToo- Richtofen

          iTalk2RADIOS - Maxis

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              I am an adult, yes. I imagine you picked that up some from how I write. I have long been burned out with playing with uncommitted or failure randoms and squeakers. A lot of my PS3 friends are not as into Zombies as I am so I decided to try to find players here.


              I do have the Season Pass. I've been playing since MW2 but I got deep into Zombies with BO2. I like the work Treyarc has done with the back story. I've done some research into the real world of the VRIL and Thule Society groups, Nazi occults beliefs just to get better insight into what may be going on in the game. But I'm off topic now.


              I'll add both your accounts. I will send you friend requests from my Sergeant-RAZOR account and from my TheDeprogrammer account. That's a good idea to have one account for each side of the EE.


              I am a perfectionist point whore. I've sorted how many shots per weapon per round plus a knife for max points. I am also obsessed with headshots. I am just short of 60K headshots at this point.

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                  Sounds good, man. I've been playing since WAW. I was never really into the story until this year. I always knew some little stuff, but I didn't really care. Now that I know most of the story it really is pretty cool. It's a shame how many people don't know it. Looking back I'm not even sure how I wound up getting hooked on TranZit. Maybe it's just the epicness of Moon lingering.


                  Unfortunately, I was on 360 for Black Ops so I can't play any BO Zombies with you guys Any chance you play the custom maps for WAW on PC? Those are some of my favorite maps I've ever had the chance to play on.


                  Yeah, I think to get the real egg done you'll need to be synced to one side. One of the tweets put out by Jimmy said something about commitment being the key. I'll be on after work tonight, I'll add you then.


                  Whoa, I thought I was bad lol. I just knive a lot. It's practically all I do until round 6 or so. Past that I just circle and shoot. I'm the same way with headshots, unless the mystery box feels like being cool.

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                      I always try to tell people they'd enjoy and appreciate the game more if they knew the story and how much of it is based on real occult ideas.


                      I think the PC customs is what I've seen Spiderbite and crew playing on sometimes? I've not ever tried it.


                      I sided with Maxis early on because Richtofen seems like a real @#$!%. I don't think Maxis is gold either. I just think he is the lesser of two evils. But, I imagine in the end I would want to see the results of completing each side. So I may just work my TheDeprogrammer account to do that.


                      I am a perfectionist from birth. If I could reset my stats on Zombies to reflect how I play now I would in a heartbeat even though I'd wipe away 130K kills. Round 1 is 6 shots with the 1911 and a knife for MAX points. Or you can line them up and fire 6 shots from one end and then the other, knife the end Zombies, then repeat with 3 shots and then two shots and that should net you close to 1500 points in round one. Just an example of how deep I can get into it. That said, I am one of the most easy going players you'll come across. At least I think I am.


                      I am prior service Army NCO so I can not help but incorporate my experiences into my game play.


                      Anyways, see you online.

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                  I also hate playing with squeekers aswell and i have the season pass.

                  Im a decent zombie player and i don't mind

                  opening doors and lending money to people who need it.

                  My psn name is the same as my forum name.

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                      I have been playing zombies since WaW, and an extremely skilled zombies player, problem is I cant

                      get people to go the high rounds with me before they quit. I've done both sides of the easter egg and trying to progress. I have fast internet connection and live in the central time zone. add me psn- TheGladiator007

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                      I was right there with you until you mentioned doing the EE. I have no interest in doing any of them.

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                        I would like to do the black ops 1 EE's. I am a decent player with mic. I am in central time zone and have the season pass.

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                          Im an adult too im also on the east coast but i dont get on till almost 10 most nights. i have some in the bank but honestly have no idea how much. I have the sony suround headset. Im not a quitter. My ps3 gt is JandL1013 would love to play with you sometime i also have the season pass.

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                              I'll add you once I get online. I often get on later at night also so don't worry about it. Although fun, I quit joining clans because many of them expected people to fit the game into their lives a bit too much. I don't do that. I get on when I get on and it is to play.