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    Killed through a wall, by a grenade. I've now seen it all.  This game continues to be broken, and at times Unplayable

      From about Friday night, until Sunday Morning, the game was playing great.  I was getting into good connection lobbies, my hit detection was what it should be.  Come Mid-day sunday, it's the same old song and dance.


      It's been 3 months, and they haven't done much.  The DLC just came out, and I enjoyed it.  I gave Treyarch their props for putting in a decently balance Gun, with some good maps.


      But this, how exactly does someone break a game that bad to where Grenades, which since we are Playing CoD, don't have the ability to hit you through solid surfaces.


      What, EMP grenades weren't enough, next thing C4 will be able to be thrown through walls.