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    Hardcore Everything

      The core community may be larger than the hardcore community because some people enjoy emptying an entire clip into one person without having them die. Regardless, four game modes is no where near enough to satisfy the mass amount of players on Black Ops II. Even MWIII had more hardcore game modes and it was no where near as fun as Black Ops II. I and so many others would like to play hardcore domination or hardcore free for all at least. Sometimes I'll hop on the game and after three rounds, I'm incredibly bored. We would like some change. I've heard one of the reasons why there aren't more hardcore game modes is because there's no room. If that's the case, take off one of the core modes and add a hardcore one. There are ways to add more map packs which take up gigs of memory, I am sure there are ways to add game modes.

      So please, why don't you just add more hardcore game modes?