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    The final insult (probation!)

      Hi all


      I am really just venting today, as I find myself with 5 minutes with which to vent.


      I live in the good old UK, where ISP services are at best awful, and at worst very unreliable.  Sadly, my ISP has just been changed to one that is having some connectivity issues (namely that it constantly disconnects me randomly).


      the result of this has been me being chucked out of matches through no fault of my own.  Very frustrating indeed.


      Would you care to guess my reaction when this game decides that the best way to sooth my already fried nerves is to place my account on Probation!!!!!!!


      What a stupid stupid idea.  I appreciate that the minority of players may not like to stay till the end.  Whilst I dont like it either when that occurs, to villify those of us simply suffering with genuine connection issues is just absurd.


      Come on guys (@game developers) - innocent until proven guilty and all that.  Don't be so bloody stupid!


      Happy to share during my five minutes of probation, and wondered if I was the only one with this issue.....