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    How to Think While Playing

      I wanted to make a video on thinking while playing, making smart decisions and not playing like a mindless zombie robot, I know it's possible to get into that sort of trance and play with disregard. I shared some basic thoughts for strategy in Domination, a tip in how to level up fast in any playlist while supporting your teammates at the same time. Watch the video for more details.

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          I refuse to watch videos but isn't telling us how to think actually make us into mindless zombie robots?

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            It doesn't really help the PS3 viewers much when you're playing on a map they most likely haven't even seen yet

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              Why post that video? The only good example you have? None on existing maps? Or incorrect forum?

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                Ok I watched the first minute just to be nice.  You need to work on your delivery.  While your voice sounds smooth enough (I like you better after the intro than during) you are obviously nervous.  You appologized for cutting out part of the video because "you didn't want to waste our time".  Well everybody cuts out parts of videos.  There's no need to announce it.  Also say whatever it is that you are going to say but know your subject matter.  You were talking about some sort of ramp and named it but then backtracked that you really didn't know what it was called.  Confidence sells but you also need to be factually correct.  So spend a little more time scripting your work until it rolls off of your tongue.  You are looking for people to trust in your suggestions but that's hard to accomplish if you aren't solid on your delivery.  It doesn't have to be completely perfect but you shouldn't have two akward moments in the first 60 seconds.  I hope that this feedback helps you.