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        I only watch the trollers now... KYR SP33DY, Minnesotaburns and Straightupknives are very funny.

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          yeah but when you watch them you know what your going to get.. but when you watch tips and tricks and all you see is hey look at me and what i got.. its like dude no one cares about your personal life

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            Haha, yeah thats true.

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              I have over a 2 K/D, 8 W/L, and a 300-something SPM, and i'm not afraid to play anyone with better stats than me, because they usually have mics, and I like to hear them rage. But the thing is, whenever tryhards join our lobby and check our stats, they leave 95% of the time, so I don't get to play against good players a lot. My K/D would probably be higher if I did, because good players go for the objective instead of sitting in a random corner trying to get Dogs like most scrubs I play against. As for League, there's no Dom, Demo, or HQ, so I don't play it.

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                For me its Elpresador, he is the funniest dude on youtube and his grenade throws are legendary if you know what i mean.

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                  I like pub matches mostly for the gun leveling but I tried league play briefly and didn't see the point in continuing with it.  It took 10 to 15 minutes to get into a match and when you did get a match it seemed to always end with one team grossly undermanned.  There just wasn't enough fun to be had.  I don't mind the competition but I found that due to the low level of participation, I was still being matched up with guys that were a couple of tiers below mine.  So I don't think that you really get the competition that they say you do.  Now if they really wanted to boost the league play participation.  They should run clan ops through it and put some awards in Elite to make the Ops worth playing.  Quite frankly I was surprised that they didn't do this out the gate.

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                    Don't forget it's supposed to be "solo" ranking (except for championship series), yet you can come in with a whole party.  So essentially it's one team of randoms who tend to leave as soon as they think their ranking is going to drop vs a team of 4 or more.  Yeah, that'sseems like an accurate assesment of "solo" skill to me. Especially when they don't replace a dropped player so it's often that team vs just 2 or 3 who stick it out.  IMO, "solo" league play would be a hell of a lot better if it was set up like Mercenary.  No parties, no party chat. It's a pointless ranking & playlist that's only fun for cheap ass little kids who party up to get cheap wins and inflated rankings.

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                      I played league last season with a team. We got ranked like top 50 Platinum, and faced nothing but Masters Teams with Scuff Controls and M8A1s.


                      Everyones right, it's not fun.  If you go in solo, they often match you against a 4 man team, thats normally an entire league ahead of you.


                      Playing against solo players as solo isn't much fun either, these teams just camp because they have very little team work.


                      It's broken basically.  this is the most laughable state i've ever seen any CoD game

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                        Thanks you for sharing your experience with League.

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                          I would love to play a Mercenary League playlist.