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    Have lag, invisible people, bending bullets, and people using an uncloaking device? It could be your connection and not the game

      I play a lot of Black Ops 2 and am not to bad. Recently we started having issues with our internet yet I noticed while playing I still had 4 bars and yet I noticed something everyone else talked about. People just started showing up like they uncloaked themselves and shot me. Or I clear a room turn around and boom shot dead with one shot. To make a longer story short we also had issues with our wifi so while I was on the phone with the internet provider they ran a test and found I was loosing 2-3% data packets. It was due to static in the line on their end. Again I had 4 green bars most matches. They said that would explain why we are having issues at least at my house and our entire neighborhood. I asked why this wasnt noticed by anyone else and his reply most people are not that observant.


      If your having some issues you might want to put a call in and have them test your data packets.