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    Why can't I post on my main account?

      I have an account from the old call of duy forum but it won't let me post here.


      Any ideas what I need to do to correct this?



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          Re: Why can't I post on my main account?

          It's the same for me.  These forums and this site are as buggy as the games these guys make.  I had to make a new account with a different email then my Elite account in order to post here.


          It makes the company think that they've got more users then they actully do.  Then the forum managers can go to their bosses and say "Look how many users we have using our crappy forums" and then get to keep their jobs.


          Sorry for the B ichy rant.  It's these forums are just messed up that way

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            Re: Why can't I post on my main account?

            We and the site teams are aware that some accounts are intermittent We currently do not have a fix that we can offer you, but you are welcome to continue using your new account to take part on our boards.


            Please note that your ELITE services are tied to your gamer ID. You need only log into your previous account, un-sync your ID and then re-sync with your new one.

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