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    Hardcore Ricochet OR No Probation For Accidental Team Kill Booting

      Listen up you GAME MAKERS. I have been playing COD for YEARS and this is the bull I run into? Get kicked for killing my team with an air support or sentry gun because they're dumb enough to run into crap? And I get a 5 minute probation? What kind of trash is this? Until this is fixed, your map packs can shove it! I am a disgruntled customer, you're damn right. This is bogus!


      Either bring back Hardcore Ricochet


      Don't put probation on HARDCORE or NON LEAGUE games!


      This damn game is supposed to be fun and when you accidentally run into some stupid situations playing kill confirmed, there is no reason you should have to WAIT to play this damn game. I have spent enough time in lobbies waiting as is in my years.


      I understand Probation in LEAGUE PLAY. But public matches? Seriously? I didn't quit the damn game, why am I on probation? Because a lightning strike during a spawn swap went against my favor? I have never seen you guys make such a piss poor move before. I am pissed, and have every right to be!


      ~~Absolut Jaximus