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    FYI, dedicated servers still give a huge advantage to weak connections...

      I play on both PS3 and PC. Great connection to both, but the biggest difference is that the lag is virtually gone on PC thanks to dedicated servers. That is, except the people with terrible connections. For some reason, even though these players haven't met the requirement for playing fair, the game punishes us legit players and allows the bad connections to rampage. Why? The game is actually rewarding players for cheating.


      The reason I compare PS3 to PC is because console players are usually forced to blame the host, but playing on PC has shown that it's not the hosts fault at all. The game actually allows bad connections to lag around and have split second invincibility from bullets and even C4 blasts. And the corner lag, GTFO! This is total BS and I can't believe a billion dollar game would reward the cheapest players like this. Seriously.