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    Hope this scuf is worth it :)

      just placed my order




      hoping its worth the money, your thoughts?

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          sweet i have lots of custom controllers but ive always wanted to try a scuf,enjoy

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            you must be bloody mad for that price i want it to play the game for me

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              thetizzleguy wrote:




              hoping its worth the money, your thoughts?

              You paid nigh on 80 quid for a £23 stock ms controller with £5 worth of bits added,


              yeah thats def worth the money

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                First thought is £80 for a controller? Second is the £20 official ones seem to do fine for me!:)

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                  It sure does look the part, let us know how you get on with it

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                    It should help you to raise your kd if that's what you're looking for but I personally couldn't justify the price.  Fortunately for Scuff, not everybody thinks like I do.  I'm sure that you will be pleased with the results though.

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                      It always seemed a lot of money for two buttons to me to be honest. If it was a completely redesigned controller then maybe, but since it's basically just a stock Xbox controller they start with I don't see how the price can almost treble. I'm sure it'll win a few gun fight here and there though.

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                        I considered buying one of these and then decided its a bit to late in the game, Xbox 720 coming out soon, with probably a new type of controller.  Just not worth it unless you are playing professionally right now.

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                          Firstly I have nothing to do with Scuf...


                          I've been through so many controllers over about an 8month period(All microsoft stock ones) and every single one has developed some kind of irritating fault:

                          1) Wired; analog started sticking, connecter for mic broke £20

                          2) Chrome wireless; analog sticking (also the R,N,P,O buttons? sorry bad joke) £35?

                          3) Fabel controller, analog seemed to scrape against the sides, mic hole broke £35?

                          4) Wired; just died after 3 weeks which was annoying £20


                          Total: £110


                          My Scuf I've now had for 6months cost me £85 and still works just as good as when I first opened it.

                          It takes a bit of getting used to, sort of reprogramming your muscles to the new buttons but after about a week you will never want to go back.

                          Also has some nice features like stops on the triggers, change the sensitivity of the triggers, PS3 style dome analog sticks, the holes which the analogs are in have been sanded down to keep it smooth. The vibration rubbish is removed making the controller lighter.


                          So for me Scuf was most certainly worth it!


                          Oh and I forgot to add, my K/D is pants, I bought it more for the ergonomics side of things and comfort!

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                            As far as it being worth the money, that depends on what you are expecting to get out of it.


                            I can tell you for myself, It has been beyond amazing.  But I am sure my situation is rare.  I've always been a person who grips the controller too hard and presses buttons too hard.  I just can't seem to change that.  This ends up with worn out thumb sticks very fast and a lot of stress on my fingers.  I recently injured my left arm (not game related), and currently cannot bend my left thumb.  This left me without the ability to sprint in COD as you need to press down on the left thumb stick to initiate sprinting.


                            So, I got a scuf and had the left thumb stick down mapped to the right paddle, allowing me to press on the right paddle added by scuf to allow me to sprint.  This allows me to sprint without having to apply any pressure at all with my left thumb.  It has taken away pretty much all of the stress on my fingers from using a standard controller.  The ability to jump with the left paddle while not having to remove my fingers from the aim button is an added bonus.


                            Also, the adjustable triggers are nice, as it turns the triggers into hair triggers.  Takes away the play in the trigger, so that the least little bit of pressure allows the trigger to operate.

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                              I just got the email saying mine has shipped but it hasn't actually arrived yet. I love the semi auto weapons so the trigger stops seemed like something that would work well for me. Never was much of a Halo jumper or panic knife guy (Always run the tactical layout).
                              Hopefully it is just a good solid controller.

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                                I <3 my scuf.


                                Only issue (and it was very minor) was:  one of the paddles started sticking. I loosened one of the screws a bit to let the paddle have some play. fixed.


                                I picked up one of my OEM controllers recently to play a little BL2 and it felt weird lol

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                                  I have 2 scufs myself.. a DareDevil (my first) and then the Animal (4 buttons on back) that my wife got me for Christmas.. paired with an FPS freak (if you dont know look them up) on the right stick and a grippit (little rubber tab) on the left.. and I love the dang thing.. hair triggers are the biggest selling point but having jump, prone, knife and reload (Animal) prone and reload(DareDevil) all without having to move my thumbs is nice... only issue I can say I had getting use to it was a Me issue.... when I first got the DareDevil I had prone on the right underside (its in the same place on my Animal). I then found out that when I fire I was not only pulling the trigger but squezing the entire controler... caused alot of accidental drop shots... took a bit to rain it in.. but its nice to be able to hit the deck on demand.

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                                    Cool Bro.  Just what we need, another kid who apparently has so much extra money that he feels the need to spend it on a controller just to get that advantage over people.


                                    A Headset is one thing, It would maybe be different if you did competetive at all, but judging form the fact that you came on here for approval, you don't.


                                    You just enmtered yourself into the scummy playerbase bro, hope the money was worth it.

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                                      I'm hoping the next gen xbox has 2 extra buttons like this already built into the controller.

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                                        It depends on what you want from them... if lag is your problem then they'll not help you at all... otherwise if you have a good connection, with less hitmarkers, they will definitely make your kd rise to heaven. And they're only worth for guns like 'auto' shotties like S12 or AR's like FAL. If you like to use SMGs they're as useful as regular controllers. The buttons in the bottom are for jumps and knife or drop shotters.