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        30. Re: The community is dying.

        We don't have eyes on our dollars.....we have kangaroos !


        Bettcha can't guess why........cos kangaroos can't go backwards only forwards.......ha ha kind of fits...!

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          31. Re: The community is dying.

          i wouldnt go as far to say its dying but it has lost its way both in game and the forums i remember a time when the people on the forums were helpfull now all you get is told is to get better noob

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            32. Re: The community is dying.

            don't play that much anymore =/ don't play at all

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              33. Re: The community is dying.

              Is that the official Activision policy Mac or are you just lag question weary?

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                34. Re: The community is dying.

                There's a healthy and active group who have taken it off forums to the PMs to help each other. Just friend a few via PM there is less bs and more honesty. It's v good.

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                  35. Re: The community is dying.

                  I also think the community is not dying, they ar passionate, just reaching they're boiling point. When you love cod, and game after game you go through the same problems at the start you start to lose faith that they will ever get it right. With the debacle that was MW3 and now the issues a lot of people are having with BO2, the community just wants something a little more stable out of the box. I love cod, but sadly had to shelf MW3 for months as they worked out the kinks, and have recently quit BO2 last friday and will not play again until another update. Thanks for listening.

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                    36. Re: The community is dying.

                    Thanks for sharing....I think you are spot on.

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                      37. Re: The community is dying.

                      IMO the big problem is that everyone expects to be pounding heads game in game out. This game is superbly balanced IMO, there is nothing that is uncounterable, and there are counters to counters. There are powerful setups, and those are moaned about as being OP, then the community finds the counter to them and those counters are in turn moaned about as being OP.




                      SMGs were seized upon early as being OP as they have had a big CQC buff from BO1 (and rightly so)


                      After a while, some smart cookies realised that the best foil to relentless blind SMG rushing was the R870, and all of a sudden OP whines start popping up about this gun. Mostly from SMG users who were suddenly finding their tactics foiled by a face full of buckshot.


                      How to counter the R870? If you need to ask how to counter the only weapon whose effective range actually ends, well...

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                        38. Re: The community is dying.

                        nobody said it didn't, but it sure didn't have the same sort of lag issues as this game has ! 


                        As for the OP question, I can't speak for anyone else.  I was never really part of the past communities on the forum because I was to busy having fun playing the game, but right now I know my love for Cod has been killed off.


                        Cod4 was still the most fun I had online with a console shooter this gen.


                        I know things are not the same when I come home from work and look at my friends list and there is like 2 people playing blops2.   In the past I seemed to always have at least 5 to 10 if not more people, every night, night after night, week after week...


                        Maybe people are getting tiered of it now, I don't know but the friends I do ask have all stopped playing for the same reason.

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                          39. Re: The community is dying.

                          It's like no one wants to use their brain anymore. Now, instead of thinking and applying strategies, ppl just whine and cry about OPd this and OPd that until they change it. For me, simplicity is the answer. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all the gadgets and such, but a "dumbed down" approach would be fine with me. Take WAW for example, even with all it's problems, the game allowed for skillful gameplay. Take away all the junk, give a man, or woman, a few guns, a few perks, and some ammo, and let SKILL come into play. Strategy is a big part of war, and trying to fix ppls shortcomings with more and more gadgets just increases the problems. I don't know the actual numbers, but I would wager that the majority of ppl who buy cod do so for the MP. That being said, why not lose the campaign, and concentrate on the MP, slim line it, and leave the gameplay up to skill vs skill. It seems as if skillful players are being pushed aside to accommodate players of lesser skill in order to keep them interested. The problem with that is most of the lesser skilled players are not as skilled as some is because the minute a new release of any type comes out, they jump on it and leave cod in the dust. I myself am pretty much a cod player exclusively, so when all the new wears off ill still be here playing while  the "gamers" all move on to the next new "thing". I guess what I'm getting at is why not take a good look at whose been playing cod for years, and give them a little more priority than the "easy come, easy go" crowd. That being said, the "gamers" will buy everything new that comes along, leaving the true cod fans with a "noob" friendly version of a skill based game where skill, more often than not, isn't really a factor.

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