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    Last night I couldn't die, today I'm unable to stay alive!

      I know that this is what is happenings to a lot of people but the difference 12 hours makes....


      I'm off work for a couple of days, started laying into Bo2 last night as you do. I had about 40 to 50 great games, regularly going over 30 kills to about 5 deaths in team deathmatch. I didn't seem to be ahead of the lag, I just seemed to be able to play without any issues.


      Today I couldn't shoot a barn door from the inside. Emptying clips into guys, lack of hitmarkers, just annoying, quit, probation.


      I know someone will argue that this is just balance and I should take it on the chin but screw that, I want some bit of consistency. I don't want to be a genocidal god and then a blind one legged drunk. Before I would have said fair enough, just get out of the crappy games, eventually you will find a stable connection in some lobby, put then probation is there ready to have a laugh at you. Probation makes no difference to me. I'd rather play with myself for 5 minutes than continue playing a crappy godawful round.


      I've said it before but once more won't matter, last COD, no DLC's, time for something new, hmmm I think I'll take that helicopter thingy I got with the prestige edition for a spin, no doubt it's as faulty as the game.