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    Global sales blops 2 Wii U!  EDIT 5/2/13

      Hi people!


      Not sure where they get their info from! Europe is a difficult market to obtain stats from due to the amount of countries! so I take these as a pinch of salt! based on another 2 weeks sales now having passed I presume at the lowest the game has sold near 160,000 copies world wide in 11 weeks on a new platform!


      The strange thing is that Europe is selling more then the USA, UK is the biggest seller! and is selling more the the USA?? will the price drop announced in the US selling at $29.99 help push the game! I think Miiverse will help sell as all 3 millions Wii U buyers have access to Miiverse and if like me I look at the community boards of games I don't have to see what people think! if the reviews are good it makes me want to buy the game!


      What we need to know is! if 160,000 people according to these figures have the game why do we on a daily basis only see 4,000 on line??


      If these figures are accurate then I would suggest the endless threads on DLC stop for now as unless it costs activision nothing to make the DLC! I know that Nintendo no longer charge a minimum fee to drop DLC and this is why we are seeing DLC for AC3 and indie games like Zen2 pinball which by the way is a lot of fun and having downloaded it myself the DLC is simple and easy to use!


      So people stop the DLC threads! the system is capable but my worry is that until we are 6 months in we may not see any support until the numbers increase? I think Activision unlike Ubisoft are driven by the $ then giving the Full Experience to us the consumer!


      Does nayone know where and how VG get these figures or have more accurate???




      Edit 5/2/13


      So I thought as more figures are out by VGchartz I would look in to how they obtain this information and to be honest if you read the following it is mainly guesstimates based on user numbers, history on previous titles! basically they are no where near accurate so they maybe too high but they also maybe too low! what's interesting is for Europe they only account for UK, France and Germany so countries such as Spain, Italy are not taken in to account and many others! places like Canada, south America are also not take in to account!!


      Have a look at this link and from here you can find data on other games too! as an example they list Trine 2 as zero sales? well I have it and so do many people based on miiverse!



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          Re: Global sales blops 2 Wii U! updated figures

          Xbox360 version sold 11.3million copies but only 500k are online on average(it drops to under 200k sometimes). Do the math, 2 million wii Us sold(3mill shipped out)....only 160k bo2 copies sold... Most of the people who bought a wii u is a Nintendo Fan, not a CoD fan. Most Nintendo fans are actual hardcore gamers who despise CoD. Heck, the overall sales for CoD is going down. It is slowly dying....

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            Re: Global sales blops 2 Wii U!  EDIT 5/2/13

            Well when I play I see many players from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland etc. so I know we excist. :)


            Btw you know it's a Spanish player when he use a silenced PDW, all the time!

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              Re: Global sales blops 2 Wii U!  EDIT 5/2/13

              you have to remember that fans of the COD series have been playing this in vast numbers on PS3 and Xbox for years. Not many are going to stop playing on xbox to play on a wiiU. I know some have or will but a new console cant compete, stats wise, with an established network of players. If the console had have been designed to make it more short to mid term future proof you may have seen alot of people (the ones who want the latest and greatest) jump from other consoles. There wasnt a big enough step up if any in specs on this console so you wont see 200k people online playing COD on this thing ever (obviously)

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                  Re: Global sales blops 2 Wii U!  EDIT 5/2/13

                  In response I would agree with your comment! however Nintendo released a response about the doom and gloom people have spouted about its gpu and cpu saying that no developer as taken on board yet what it is capable of and that includes their own in house developers! like the other consoles it will take a few years until we can really see what this console is capable of just like it did for ps3 and xbox! for proof check COD 2 on xbox to Blops 2!!




                  Look at those graphics for xbox 360!! now look at the graphics on blops 2! these ones look like ps2/wii so for wii u to give what consoles have taken 7 years to achieve! what could it achieve in 7 years time???


                  Both new consoles will go through the same process and the wii u! not everyone will jump ship from xbox and ps3 as for nearly 2 years ps2 outsold ps3! game development time also will mean that wii u will be head of those consoles by releasing first and Nintendo now pushing 3rd party support will help too!


                  Depending on the cost of those new consoles and with the enahncements of the Wii u and more titles to come people may think that at $280 dollers to maybe $400-$450 for 720/ps4 if they are going to change and money is an issue then as long as games keeping coming we may see some decide to try the Wii U rather then pay out for those more expensive consoles! this is all just speculation of course!


                  http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/02/05/time-will-solve-wii-u-development-quality- gap


                  We may not see 200k people on line on wii u on COD but we dont know what COD will offer in the future or what the other consoles are going to do and how much etc etc. This is a baby in terms of consoles and development! as I said to a clan friend the other consoles have had 6/7 years to perfect their consoles give Wii u time to do the same! it's too early to judge this machine, its only 3 months old!!


                  IT maybe that if the MW4 comes out then the user base will be bigger on wii u by then so we may see more people playing that game?? my point on these figures is that they are not accurate but I was trying to point out that if in anyway true it should stop people going over old ground on stuff like DLC for now at least...


                  I went of in a total different direction!

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