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    Awareness the pointless perk

      Ok been working with awareness <at about 450 kills with it>.


      What an utter waste of time that perk is lol.

      It gives zero improvement on game audio, tried with my x41's and my new Blackops Xrays on supercrunch, steaming pile of poo, sorry but there you go.


      Dont waste the tokens unless you are wanting the calling card.

      frankly I dont care if the devs dont want soundwhoring in the game, that would be fine, but dont give us a perk that suggests you will benefit when you really dont!

      Flamesuit donned ready for the usual suspects

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          Re: Awareness the pointless perk

          when I use awareness with my astros, I can hear you coming from a LONG distance off. The thing is, the perk doesnt just make footsetps louder. it makes EVERYTHING louder. gunfire, reloads, battlechat, explosions, climbing, falling. all of them are amplified. basically what happens a far bit of the time is that footsteps get drowned out by all the other noise. But this isnt a bad thing IMO, its far better then MW3's broken perk O doom. 

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            Re: Awareness the pointless perk

            i agree. you actually can hear some footsteps. but they are so blended with everything else it's almost too late by the time you make the encounter. there is so much background noise in this game its actually kinda disgusting. first thing i did was ditch that garbage sound track and turn down the boomy voices. i also use dead silence. not so i can sneak up on my enemies, you already come with dead silence equiped by default lol, but so i dont hear my own stupid footsteps because any other sound in the game masks any attempt to hear enemy footsteps.

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              Re: Awareness the pointless perk

              Both sound based perks are wastes. I don't think I have one kill where I heard someone in this game.  Just a guess, but I can't imagine too many of my deaths were from my footsteps giving away my location.  Awareness kind of a camper perk anyway so doesn't bother me too much.


              Atleast, finishing challenges for both is easy tho, just get kills with it equipped. Hardwired, the 3rd weakest perk was miserable. Had to have had this equipped for 3 prestiges trying to get 100 kills with cuav or emp avtive.  Would get so excited to we got emped despite it probably meant we were getting smoked.  My point is at least you can get back to useful perk 3 quickly and not waste your time with essentially one perk spot empty.

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                Re: Awareness the pointless perk

                I definitely notice a difference, however, I can't localize the sound.  I hear someone coming, but it's still tough to tell which direction they're coming from.  Just my 2 cents.

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                  Re: Awareness the pointless perk

                  awareness with my astro's = you get prefired every time

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                    Re: Awareness the pointless perk

                    It really depends on how you've arranged your sound mixing.  I tried supercrunch but I found that it amplified too much of the wrong things and made it more difficult for me to distinguish footsteps than the original 3arch Premix.  So I went back to the premix and played around with those settings.  Now I can actually hear the footsteps (not as good as MW3 but workable).  You just need to play around with your settings but like I said, I found the default mix to be a good starting point.

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                      Re: Awareness the pointless perk

                      I found it moderately useful when combined with Dead Silence, but it obviously doesn't work so well if your playstyle is to rush & flank. It works best if you're guarding an objective, or moving around between buildings, etc.

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                          Re: Awareness the pointless perk

                          i think of it like this


                          awareness is great for defenseive play


                          DS is great for offesive play


                          you would use DS if you find your playinga gainst people with awareness, however.. noon does, which makes the ds perk basically pointless

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                          Re: Awareness the pointless perk

                          If the use of a perk requires the purchase of an additional piece of equipment outside of the game, it's safe to say it fails.

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                            Re: Awareness the pointless perk

                            in all honestly, there are maps that are better for awareness than others.


                            Maps I've found best for awareness:











                            Maps terrible for awareness








                            *Drone being the only exception because the entire drone side with doors is pretty obvious if someone is coming through. The doors are so loud it's really only useful for the busy side.


                            The smaller maps generally are not nearly as good because of the chaos and constant flux of both teammate and enemy players all over the map. Also, because of these smaller maps I tend to rely on communication over sound.

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