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    Thank you A_Trey_U and Treyarch Team and what is your favorite improvement of BO2 over past CoD games?

      I notice that there is a lot of negativity on this forum concerning Black Ops 2, but I want to tell you not to let it get to you. The contributions you made to the community are amazing. I love the patch support. The 2 patches very close together took me by surprise. I am a Wii Remote player, and even before the aim assist patches, I learned to aim very well with the Wii Remote. I am very happy with your Wii Remote support as A_Trey_U put, "out of love of our fans from the Wii". It touches my heart that these developers are supporting the platform when many other third parties refuse to. I am aware that Call of Duty runs on a relatively old engine, and can not be perfect for everyone because of engine flaws and that it is an online game. The game runs rock solid and hit detection is persistent most of the time, and connections are great (I use Normal, and Best for lobbies). Every single glitch that bothered me, you fixed. Amazing. Even if Nuketown 2025 and Revolution DLC never come, i'll understand and still be happy with my purchase for what it is and the experiences i've had with this game.


      I realize that people come off as a bit rude in this forum, so I say again, do not let it get to you. You are a great dedicated team and I look forward to your next patch and DLC news.


      I don't think there is a real topic here based on what I said, so i'm going to ask the forum members: What is your favorite improvement BO2 made over previous Call of Dutys? My favorite improvement is they Got rid of Last Stand/Final Stand/Second Chance.