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    Best 3 setups for peacekeeper and other stuff

      okay the perks will be the same for the 3, only attachments will change. first setup is edtech sight and silencer. these make this gun into a mini acr. the perks are will be ghost lightwieght toughness and dextrity. the lethal and tac is semtex and shock chrge. the second setup is rapid fire laser sight. this is for the rushing run n gun people out there. same perks and lethal and tac.the final and my favorite setup is xtended mags and stock, yea a little op but its a best setup not a legit 1. its great for all gamemodes.

      now the other stuff is im creating a youtube channel for blops 2 and other games, i havent made it yet but will be  up and running soon, if your interested in following me then send a friend request on xbox my gamertag is excissionz and ill post any kind vids you wanna see me playing blops 2 any chllenges i can do ill try to do. thanks if your supporting me. ill be making a skype so follow on there too ill make it and send a message of the account you can follow. thanks for the help guys see you soon.

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          I personally don't use ghost or silencer because I want the enemy to come to me so I can kill them faster and to greet them I will be packing fmj and long barrel and an extended clip to take em all on.

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            To be honest the peacekeeper is a lot like the MSMC, but it is worse in CQC but better slightly in long range.


            Still, I'd prefer the MSMC because it kills in three hits...a HUGE factor.

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              For my Peacekeeper class setup, I use Laser Sight for close quarters combat and I use Long Barrel and Fore Grip when taking out targets from a far. I use the SMAW for my secondary to lock onto things in the sky or if I need to use to take someone out hiding in a window. I use Lightweight to move quicker and not take damage jumping out of crazy areas. Cold Blooded, don’t really think I need to explain all the reason I use this. I also use Engineer a lot because when running into houses etc I like knowing if I’m about to walk into Lethals. I also use Black Hat a lot because it’s amazing.

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                That gun is such a crock of sh*t! It's horrible and I'm really sad I bought the dlc. The spawns on the new maps are just as bad if not worse than hijacked. The gun is GODAWFUL in cqb and worse in long range. The only place it excels is in medium range but with guns like MSMC or vector coming at you you dont stand a chance. Its really ill equipped to be in this game, AR/SMG hybrid.....really.