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    There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

      I knew with mbam, there is website attempting to change steam, steamservice, iw5mp, t6mp exe on my computer and so all steam files.

      I knew with mw3, when joining a dom game, there is 18 players and no objectives.

      So I know there is fake servers and players on bo2.

      A solution is, after close steam, to delete all dll and exe in steam folder and all files and all folders but let the common folder where there is game files to doesn't have to download it again because it's too long. Then I repair steam with the steam installer, taking 30 minutes or less to update, and I repair my games with the button verify game integrity.

      If someone have another good solution, he's please to let it in the comment. Thanks...


      PS: The goal is to concentrate fake players between them, because we don't have dedicated servers but we have fake servers.

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          1. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

          After deleting steam files but not games files, it's a short install you must have to do, taking the time of verify game content. When you close steam, repair before launch again steam and verify integrity of game content before launch the game. In order to not forget, in steam parameters, on the tab interface, uncheck launch steam at computer start.


          PS: Thank you very much to have deleted the insult of pist the cheater and pig guardian.

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            2. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

            I'm not a liar, here a steam forum link on what hackers can do with your files:


            So put all steam files and folders to read only after deleting and repair steam. The first start of t6mp.exe must be without read only, when installed put this file to read only too at the end. To change to desktop window, push alt+tab or alt+esc. Good game guys.

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              3. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

              To be more clear, I make an abstract...

              You want to play on secured servers where Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) is enabled, and not to play with cheaters on hacked servers.

              First you delete in the folder steam in program files of your computer drive all files and folders but you let steamapps folder and you open it, then you delete all files and folder but not the common folder, and you open it, then you delete all files in call of duty black ops ii folder but let the other folders and files. After you open steam installer msi and you check the box repair, you click finish and it update steam. After you login on steam with your steam activation account e-mail. Imediately after, you select all folders and files in the folder steam of your drive and right click on the selection to put on read only with the properties of the folders and files selection. Then you install black ops 2 and then you verify game integrity in the property in the steam library when you click right on black ops 2 multiplayer. Then you open the folder black ops ii in common folder and you select all files and folders for put to read only but not t6mp.exe yet, after you can launch black ops 2 multiplayer, it open a steam window saying installing game... After you change quit the game or change to destktop window with alt+tab or alt+esc to put to read only t6mp.exe otherwise there is an error 53 of installing. Then you ready to play bo2. I think you can play and stop to play without hackers that modify your game and steam and without unsecured servers.

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                4. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

                Other solutions to preventing hacker faults

                - Enable user account control in control panel: user account.

                - Uncheck boxes when descriptions finish by at distance in the tab services in system configuration in panel control: administration tool.

                - Push ctrl+shift+esc to open task manager, then go to the tab services and open services. Find Server and Workstation for the two Lanman process. Click right on, open their properties and change in the first tab, automatic by disable, and change in the second or third tab, restart process twice by do none. Then return to the first tab and stop the two processes.

                Your network will be more secured.

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                  5. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

                  Don't forget to delete the folder players with little conf files while you delete and repair steam.

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                    6. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

                    Also you can delete the folders steam in c:\program files (x86)\common files\ and c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\ or you can find these folders with windows search by typing steam to the upper and right when you are on the c:\ drive. After delete, repair steam, and verify integrity of bo2, when you launch it again, it will ask you to install steam service, so say yes because it's a very good thing.

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                      7. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

                      If it's really a concern, you should route all network traffic through TOR when playing, that way you can be guaranteed complete anonymity and the hackers will never be able to find you. https://www.torproject.org/

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                        8. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

                        Thank you very much, it's a very good idea, maybe it's very interesting, but it's a browser and I don't want to navigate on internet on my pc gamer. For the moment, on my new pc, I've only installed steam and mbam. I try to disable services in system configuration in administration tools: panel control by uncheck boxes in the tab services. The services I've only let are, in french: Expérience d'app, Générateur de points de terminaisons du service audio windows, Audio windows, Moteur de filtrage de base, Service d'infracstructure des tâches en arrière plan, Service de prise en charge bluetooth, Service de chiffrement, Service d'association de périphérique, Service d'installation de périphérique, Client dhcp, Gestionnaire d'installation de périphérique, Journal d'événements windows, Client de stratégie de groupe, Planificateur de classe multimédia, Windows installer, Netlogon, Service interface du magasin réseau, Alimentation, Mappeur de point de terminaison rpc, Planificateur de tâches, Steam Client Service, Services broker, Windows search.

                        Sorry it's too long to translate in english, so take care because some services are importants.

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                          9. Re: There is always a aimboter, so it's fake servers, a solution

                          After all of it, install pbsetup with cod4 game adding the folder of black ops 2, and install pbsvc, it's find on the site of punkbuster. Also report cheaters with the steam community ingame by pressing shift+tab, view players, profil, block user, report abuse, and type which game is played and maybe the offend if you recognize it.

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