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    Have any other users here been censored by moderators?

      I'm currently in discussion with an unnamed moderator of this forum, I've been told that my negative comments about the game contained profanity, hostility and name calling. When I questioned this I was then told my post was "off topic" and that was removed.


      Has anybody else been censored when commenting on Call of Duty Black Ops 2?


      It'd be interesting to see if this post is removed as it does not break any of the community guidelines and is a direct question about COD BO2.

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          Re: Have any other users here been censored by moderators?

          I have been - for "name & shame" - my thread is locked. As much as I find that rule quite funny - I just play by it. I mean - it's their "house" - and when I'm at a friend's house I basically follow the etiquette they outline - simple, eh?


          Not everyone here likes the game per-se - but none of us get anything by venting our frustrations on the Forum Moderators - after all they're NOT the ones that created the game. They're here to try & help us - with whatever limited powers they have (outside of the forum - within the forum, the mods have infinite power , one might say they're OP lol.. jz kiddin )



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            Re: Have any other users here been censored by moderators?

            Code of conduct wrote:

            Forum Moderators reserve the right to modify, move, delete, censor, or otherwise manipulate the information you upload to our servers in any way we see fit in our sole discretion. You agree that your contributions are original, and any text, video, images, or other assets you provide you own the rights to redistribute. In so doing, you are also granting the right to use and redistribute freely.


            If you do not agree with all aspects of this Code of Conduct and intend to follow it entirely, please leave now and do not participate in this community. Otherwise, welcome to the community and thank you for helping us make it a great place for gamers to congregate and communicate!

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              Re: Have any other users here been censored by moderators?



              I was just notified of this situation. Just to let you know this thread is indeed off-topic and spam. We outline this in the following link. FAQ: What is spam?


              You're making a classic mistake. You're assuming that we're developers and that we can answer your questions. We're not, we're moderators. That said, I understand that you have feedback and experiences to share. Had you participated as outlined in our Black Ops 2 Community Etiquette & Guidelines you would have been fine. Instead your use of profanity, and there was a lot in the title alone, in your first thread caused it to be removed. Your second thread which was pulled was labeled as off topic because you disputed actions taken against the first.


              I'm sorry that you're unhappy, but there's nothing that we moderators can personally do about it. We are however tasked to moderate the forums and you chose to ignore our rules due to frustration and anger. I'm going to give you some time off on this account and give you a week long ban. In that time if you choose to return please come back and participate with solid constructive discussion.


              Please note that you do not have to like the game. That's not what I'm saying. I'm asking you to be mature about your future discussion and not be brash.


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