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        60. Re: Bus Driver New Route Learned

        I honestly don't think at this point there will be a second bus route in Tranzit. That is not to  say there is not another use for the bus or there is no more to the easter egg. I definitely think there is some more parts of the easter egg or maybe more unrelated easter eggs like destroying buildables. To find it we will need to think logically and deductively. The type of reward I am more looking forward to is a gamer picture and maybe firesales or more lights to remove some of the fog. I think there still maybe some accessible areas but they won't require opening a door but rather moving or destroying some barrier somewhere.

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          61. Re: Bus Driver New Route Learned

          Why has no one addressed the fact, that when you buy the pistol off the bus, you get the same sound as when you activate the tv at the farm? I mean has anybody noticed this?

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            62. Re: Bus Driver New Route Learned


            I keep thinking the same thing. At first I believed that you needed the power off to get the initial tv sound, then power on to get the messages. This is not true, last night I got the messages after getting the sound to play with the power on. This changes things, originally I thought there was a connection with the sounds being heard only when the power was off, but that isnt true. I need to test the bus -gun to see if the power on before buying it for the first time will cause the sound to happen.


            There is NO WAY that these two events are meaningless.


            Another item that i think deserves more attention is the maxis comment about the navcard.

            I mean he litterally says you need to re-program the card ( at a computer?) I forget the exact quote, but it is a step that has not been completed and unlike other possibilites this does seem to be something to do regardless of dlc. What have we as a community tried regarding this?


            all four peeps at the four computer terminals, with all four showing cards maybe?, power off instead of on when you do this, four turbines to power the stations?


            What has allready been attempted?

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              63. Re: Bus Driver New Route Learned

              Stop it.

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                64. Re: Bus Driver New Route Learned

                I don't think that those things we see are orbs but rather portals, there must be a way to make them appear on demand and all players at same time maybe emp them or turbine?? And there is definitely more to do with the electric trap and turret gun then just to kill zombies come on people lets think and figure this the hell out!!

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                  65. Re: Bus Driver New Route Learned

                  Well some of us have heard that the new zombie map coming in the second map pack is supposed in a lake or some sort of water map and maybe this has something to do with it? Replies welcome.

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                    66. Re: Bus Driver New Route Learned

                    I can't believe Treyarch used all the real estate (Transit) up across from the Diner for TURNED. I was under the assumption it was going to be another bus stop on the map we could access and really make Transit kick @ss but NOPE we get 2 diners in the same map laocations.


                    }{ere is my question:


                    Why not Nevada - Nuketown?


                        Why not China - Die Rise?


                    Not too happy with the outcome so far cause TURNED sucks.. }{ella downs/deaths are not top on my list...

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                      67. Re: Bus Driver New Route Learned


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