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    Who's who needs solo balance ASAP

      I might be using it completely wrong, but here's the deal. I'm playing solo a lot and can go to decent rounds. I need all the perks to go to high rounds, so I go knife only during the special round (whatever their name is) to get that fifth perk I need. I almost always get Who's who as the free fifth one. Now here's the deal. I bought Quick revive in the beginning, so when I normally go down, I revive myself instantly. Yes, I lose all my perks, but at least I can use my weapons to take care of the rest of the wave and get my perks back before the next round starts.


      But when I have Who's who the game first throws you in that instead. You spawn near your body with only a pistol and 2 single grenades. 2 hits and the game is over. During the time I go down, I'm around round 20, so the pistol and those two grenades are useless. The full wave comes charging at me and I can do totally nothing. With Quick Revive I could use the pistols to get rid of the surrounding zombies and once I got up I got my PaP'ed weapon / Monkey bombs / Sliquifer to kill the rest of the wave, I had at least a small chance to survive. Now with Who's who it became impossible. Once I go down, it's over.


      I think Who's who needs some changes in solo mode, as this is pretty annoying for those playing solo a lot. Maybe a decent weapon? Maybe fast revive? Higher health to survive a few more hits?

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          Next time you play try this...so most, not every zombie player knows training zombies is an effective means to kill zombies in the higher rounds. training zombies serves another purpose as well and is crucial when trying to revive a downed player. alot of players first instinct is to kill all the zombies to revive the downed teamate which actually makes it nearly impossible to revive someone or yourself with the who's who perk. my suggestion, because i think who's who is a life saver, is this, when you go down, use who's who to train the zombies, get them all together so they are easy to manipulate. get away from your downed player, not so far you cant turn back, meaning dont jump down the power elevator shaft if your training at the mystery box, get a solid lead on the zombies by sprinting and pick yourself up. if you revive your player with who's who you get you perks back, minus who's who. this has worked for me in my zombie adventures since kino. best! hope this helps!

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              What happened for me is I went down up the roof where the radio thing goes, my best place to make trains or just to pick zombies off on distance. The Who's who perk dropped me on the roof near the two elevators. The full wave came through the little shack and both elevators were gone. I had no way to go. Either jump down the elevator shaft, jump straight into 20 angry zombies or run to the claymores which is a dead end too.




              And just a minor question.. how did that tactic help you since Kino, while the perk got added during this map? Lol

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              They should just make a perk machine where you can exchange your perks and pay the difference or get the difference back;therefore, you will never get stuck with any perk you dont want.

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                I totally agree I hate getting that perk on solo just for that reason. If you don't respawn in a decent spot you get screwed over nothing you can do about it

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                  RoarinBlack For Ops

                  TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!! I just posted a thread on this, it's so dumb!