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    When will the lobby issues be addressed?

      If anything, they should fix the lobby issues for PS3:

      -When the teams are being balanced and set, if one person leaves or joins the lobby, the game automatically has to rebalance teams. This can last up to 5 minutes per lobby that does this, believe it or not.

      -Ground War tends to put people in half empty lobbies which have no new people joining. For some reason, this game does not have the merge lobbies function like in MW3. So after about 3 minutes of waiting in a half empty lobby, the game will move ONLY YOU to a new lobby or if everyone leaves the half empty lobby, the game will search for a new match for you. If BO 2 could actually merge lobbies, then matches would start much faster.


      What do you think?

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          What did you have in mind?

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              Well seeing as I've never encountered anything like this in previous CoD titles, I was hoping they could tweak matchmaking so these issues could be fixed. The first issue definitely needs to be fixed.


              As for the second issue, I'm not quite sure why this game does not merge lobbies. I can't remember if Black Ops 1 merged lobbies, but I do remember not being put in half empty lobbies for 3 minutes. Most of the time when you'd search for a game, you would find one rather easily. I never had a problem with match finding in Black Ops 1. In this game, I've noticed a trend where 20-30% of my game playtime consists of trying to find a match to play and having the match actually start up. 

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              Yes this is very annoying - Teams are set - counting down to start of game - one person leaves lobby - Boom !! -  resets the whole process - and it can do this over and over again if people keep coming in and out of the lobby.


              I've Tweeted this to @DavidVonderhaar a few times - still waiting for an answer as to if this is a known issue and being worked on.