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      Yeah, the matchmakings gone to pot again.


      I've been generally okay being matched with other UK players for the last couple of months, but as of this morning I'm getting matched with about 1 UK player in every 10 I meet. You name it - French, German, Dutch, USA, Mexico, Austria, Holland and Finland all in the same lobby first game I tried.


      I also thought the latest patch made it impossible to return sessions with players from different continents? I'm in the UK, so why so many USA and Mexico players for me so far today??


      This reminds me of the MW3 issue where the databases of IP addresses were off for BT user in particular in the UK.


      Please get on and sort this as the game had been kinda playable for me for a while.


      Any UK Infinity users experiencing the same as of today??

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          It's been hit n miss since the last patch before the dlc, I've tried with and without dlc but both are just as bad. Doubt this is just a uk thing. Been seeing more continents now than before the patch myself.

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              Do you have Infinity? As I know there was a specific problem with MW3 last year for Infinity customers where the IP addy locations were out of date and not correctly showing as UK.


              This is a huge dramatic change since last night. For the last couple of months, I would usually only be getting one or two foreign players (if any at all) per match. Now as of this morning, it's one or two UK players per match, with all the rest foreign.


              It has the very same feeling as when the known issue was causing this problems throughout MW3s lifespan.


              In other words - Devs, can you please check this? I have a feeling its the same issue again.

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              I'm on sky BB in the uk and have had iffy matchmaking since launch but had a go now and i mostly get french dutch german austrian italian spanish and portuguese with a token japanese player for good measure with seemingly 2 or 3 uk players


              Settings= best


              I dont have dlc (probably due to the matchmaking)

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                Re: DEVS - URGENT RE MATCHMAKING

                Suggest one of you tweet explanation n thread link to @atviassist plus lodge a support ticket....looks like a matchmaking issue alright.

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                  Re: DEVS - URGENT RE MATCHMAKING

                  Something else that's annoying is how certain game types (basically everything but TDM) seem to only have two lobbies that I can connect to.. Last night I literally played the same game with the same people over and over even if I left the lobby and rejoined multiple times.. If I leave a lobby why would you reconnect me to it? And if I'm playing a game I decide to quit out of why are you going to force me back into the same game twice in a row? Please for the love of god, I don't want to play TDM all day but if I want randoms over and over instead of the same people over and over I'm forced to play it..

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                    Re: DEVS - URGENT RE MATCHMAKING

                    fellow BT infinity user .

                    few points you must be aware of for good gaming .

                    1 . play outsdie the p2p restrictions is what i have been doing .

                    2.  keep track of your ping rate .

                    3.  maintain your overworked homehub 3  . ( clearing ALL stored settings via the reset button holding it down for 20 seconds until the powerlight flashes once )

                    this cleans all the ports , ip addresses . this router suffers after about 2 days worth of gaming doing this restores its full power and allows traffic to flow better .


                    Hot news just found out BT  have lifted p2p restrictions on certain packages at peek periods as of 01 feb 2013  this will as BT  would put it,  take time for your line to settle for the changes to occure .

                    this would answer the question i feel as i have noticed the past few days myself .


                    ps could not post the link to the bt site but search : bt broadband usage policy on their site and see the info there .

                    hope that helps a bit ...

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                        Re: DEVS - URGENT RE MATCHMAKING

                        Thanks, but tried all the usual stuff and have swapped my HH3 out ages ago for the very reasons you state.


                        There's been a game update since, but first impressions of what's come out of that didn't seem too promising. Given up for now 'cos it's making my head hurt...

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