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    Small fixes that go a far way.

      This game is riddled with problem after problem. Everyone knows this by now, but there is an abundance of smaller issues that can go a far way in making this game all the more enjoyable if they were to get a simple fix.


      - Remove Target Finders. (Seriously. I dont think i have to explain why here.)


      - Remove Hunter Killer Drones. ( In BO1 the Rx-D car was the most detested peice of crap by a huge chunk of the player base. Treyarc logic: Add something easier to get and more powerful and more annoying)


      - Sniper Rifles (Give them a buff; but hear me out: Put a final end to this quick scoping bug that has cluttered practically every call of duty) Also, someone please remind me again; WHY is there an SMG-SNIPER RIFLE? Why can ten 1 shot kill bullets be no scoped fired at a person before they even ADS with there gun....



      Small fixes can go a far way. This game doesn't need to be over-complicated and cluttered with all these tiny pointless add-ons. Can we just get back to the player and his gun? and sure; there is plenty more small issues we can add to this; Tac Inserts, not sure why these are even still here. Head Glitch areas, not sure why there is barrel drums, cars, tow mottors, cement blocks etc etc every 10 feet. Hit detection, Matchmaking, Spawns are terrible, knife dancing ( Why does it take 6 swings for your knife to connect, and why do you commando lung past a player for him to shoot you in the back, remove the lunge, widen the hit box)


      The list can go on and on. I honestly believe that if pointless millions wernt spent on advertising Map Packs and more money spent acknowledging these issues people would be more happy with this game and inturn buy the map packs without the need of advertisment and hype simply because the game is enjoyable. 


      Also, weather you agree or disagree. I think we can all agree on one thing: not nearly enough is being done about simple fixes within the game, regardless of what they might be.

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          make footsteps louder. increase FOV. those two alone will make it much better.

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            Spawns are much better than they ever have been.  Just saying.  I remember on MW2 People only spawned on one side or another, no middle spawns.

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                Thats how it should be in team based modes, only spawning on one side, not in the middle and especially not in front or right behind a player like in Black Ops 2.


                Black Ops 2 has one of the worst spawn systems in my opinion. Unpredictable and very unfair, a player should not spawn on the same spot he dies or 5 feets behind the guy who killed him.


                MW2 spawn system is way better and overall more fair for everyone.

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                Put something in 'easier' to get than a Hunter Killer?  Seriously?


                I'm very average at this game, I only play TDM and yet I still get them easily enough, if you can't you should give up now.

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                    You missed his point, he wants them gone.

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                      Not something easier. I think its enough that people can run UAV/RX-D/ care package as low streaks. The Hunter Killer Drone is an over-all annoyance and  from the minute i put this game into my xbox i still cannot understand as to why they put this peice of crap is in the game.


                      If they insist on putting in some form of low streak that still gets kills, then come up with something a bit more creative then a flying airplane that you just let loose and are -practically- guaranteed a kill or two everytime from some unlucky foes wondering around.


                      Why should your hard - earned scorestreaks be ruined because Little Tommy who just spawned into the game 3 minutes ago capped a flag and got his hunter killer and threw it into the air.... so now; little Tommy is 1-10 and your on a kill or a cap off your loadstar or dogs on a 20 killstreak and it gets ruined because the 2 seconds of nothing it took for little tommy to get his paper airplane; Auto-locked onto you and you have no time to react.


                      Its stupid and unecessary.

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                      I have to say that I love tac inserts.


                      I like to plant them near the action so I can rush back in faster.