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    Zombie spawn numbers per round and calculus combined!

      So I was playing earlier today and decided to apply some of my Calculus I had learned in high school to zombies. I was going to see if I was able to determine how many zombies would spawn at any round. Now if you have no knowledge of calculus this could be confusing, but I will try to explain the best I can.


      There is a growth and decay function in Calculus represented by the equation y=Ce^kt

      y = number of zombies

      C = value when t = 0

      e = constant number, similar to pi

      k = usually the number you want to find, the growth and decay number that will change the y value

      t = time, in this case, round number


      Okay, so in attempt to apply this to zombies, I needed some round information. I went to round 61 and recorded rounds 43-61 zombies per round. I took into account nukes that I did and didn't get, the nova rounds (die rise) and everything. I only calculated rounds without nukes to prevent any loss or ambiguity within the formula.


      So after a while of calculating various numbers, this is what I came across:

      Round 43 gave me k = 0.080355

      Round 47 gave me k = 0.076828

      Round 48 gave me k = 0.076055

      Round 49 gave me k = 0.073966

      Round 53 gave me k = 0.072239

      Round 61 gave me k = 0.067029


      As you go higher and higher in rounds with more zombies, the value of k decreases, making it impossible for k to be a value to calculate. So using more calculus, I decided to plug infinity into a limit function. Using this: limit as t approaches inifinity  of  y=6e^kt. This will tell us that by plugging in infinity for time, or t, that our final value for zombies will be infinity... I knew this would probably happen, but I wish I could find a constant value for k...


      But this does not make any sense with my findings still. If the value of k approaches 0 like it does from my findings, then as k approcahes 0 makes the total zombies that spawn 6... okay, I will work on this later. I may have to use more calculus along with L'Hopital's rule...


      Let me know what you calculus buffs think ??