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      I don't know if this goes in this sections, but I like this community and want to hear its opinions on this. So, I like playing COD, it is fun, screw the haters. They can go camp on Battlefield. Anyways, I am sick of people with the R870 on maps like: Carrier,Yemen, and Turbine. I don't have a problem with the auto shotgun  or the other two, but, I hate the R870!!! It is so broken. It is especially broken when people camp with it in buildings. I am a rusher and I rarely will ever stop moving. I hate when I go into a building and BOOM dead. Didn't even have a chance in hell because I didn't see them and they have a gun that will one hot kill 15 feet away. I think the gun is way too strong. I understand it is a shotgun and the bullet splits at the end of the barrel so there are multiple hits but it should not kill at 15 feet away. The gun is too strong. Especially in the hands of campers. I know I sound like a whiney little girl, but this is ridiculous. It is WAY too O.P. Thoughts and opinions?

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          Stop taking amphetamines and check your corners.


          And seriously, this game has worse issues then me worrying about you not being able to slow down a bit and check your surroundings. This fricken game has given me a headache!!!

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              I have never taken a mind altering substance in my life. I try to check all of my corners but sometimes I forget. Most of the time they will hide in the dark spots like in the corners of the building with the mound leading up to it in AFtermath. I hate that building. I also hate the blue one on Slums. If the Wii-U devs are reading this please put in a word to nerf the R870. Lower the range by atleast half. It also take longer to cock back up.

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                Maybe it's just me, but COD always seemed to find a way to give me a headache. The intensity and frequency of them only seem to increase as the series of the game progressed year after year.

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                Outwit them. That's it. That's really all you need to do. In order to do that, you need to be more aware of the map's surroundings, where your team is, where you believe the enemy team is, and the likes. If you know that there's a camper in the lobby, and they want to pull crap or something, then have an anti noob class.


                EMP, stuns or shock charges (x2), and 1 Grenade. The rest is up to you, but for added explosives, you can have the crossbow (regular or tribolt, up to you but regular might do better), and noobtube AR on hand. I wouldn't go with a launcher since the launchers tend to curve upwards at longer distances. With the crossbow it curves down a bit at longer distances, but is easier to control as a result (at least IMO). I usually just have the stuns and the grenade, but the noobtube attachment AR and crossbow will prove to be a hilariously (you can use it for trolling too if you want) powerful anti noob class. Flat jacket can't survive all of those explosions XD



                Here's a nice story that you might like:


                I was playing a game on cargo and i decided to work with the ballistic knife for a bit, but i noticed this player who was camping in the room that the worm camped in. So, how would i stop the guy? All i had was a ballistic knife on hand! So, what did i do? I decided to simply across the map ballistic knifed the player, twice. They kept on coming back into the same room, standing perfectly still and out of all lines of sight, or so they thought I got them twice, and as a result of it happening so many times theymoved their sentry gun behind them to stop me from doing it. If i had EMP grenades on that class, that player would have been absolutely screwed. So yeah, i screwed up the players k/d a bit in that game as a result (3+ k/d i think they had). After, my teammates started fighting back against the player, and the player was forced out of the room, unable to return



                Point is: I agree with pauly. There are other things to worry about that need fixing in the game, and if you want to best a camper, then try to outwit them. Of course, if all else fails, then leave the lobby and don't worry about having to deal with them again. Not worth it to get angry and annoyed at them.


                Some campers are very good, of course there's always some who are better at camping than others, but keep in mind that in most cases you can usually handle and beat a camper. If it helps, throw a stun in there to help confirm if there are any campers in the building or not. It won't always work, but in most cases if they are in a corner it helps to confirm that there's one in there, and that you should proceed with caution.

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                  Ever since this this last patch Shotguns have been ridiculous. I don't think they did anything to shotguns in the patch though. I just hate how it takes no skill to press 1 button and boom you have a kill. There has to be something to stop camping in general too. I do kind of reward campers by going back to my death spot and trying to kill them. I will keep coming back until I kill them.  I need to stop that. I do have a 1.53 k/d so don't think I suck. I never camp either. Did they do something to shotguns in the patch? i see a lot more people using it lately too.

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                    shot guns have better hit detection to me i used scorpion today was in the guys face dump the clip and died sorry if im off topic

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                      Rushing isn't rushing on this game, because every single person on Team mathes now can go solo, sadly the run right in front of the other guy with an SMG and spray like crazy works.


                      And for you guys who constantly response, adapt to the game, start using nades and flashes.



                      First of all, concussion is the way to go incase you have a need to make it harder for players to fight back, why?


                      BECAUSE FLASHBANGS ARE ******* ANNOYING, the fact that it hurts to my eyes when that goes off is the only reason why I don't want to do it to anyone else, I hate people who just throw both flashes right at you, it's about to go off and you still need another one, for christ sake, KILL ME FAST or stop being a sissy so I can try to kill you, so you don't need to use the other one, it's a pain.


                      Second, you can't just start going around throwing tacticals and lethals like crazy even if you had a scavenger, you will just show them all where you're.


                      Rusher needs to be able to make a stealthy appear, shoot everyone on his way and then disappear, that is the main point with running around like maniac, they don't find you, you find them, the score streaks make sure that everypone will get some streak reward, it's hard to stop those who literally just avoid the only player who can kill them, I don't feel like hunting down the guy who has already 1000 points and still hasn't died or used any streak rewards.


                      Does this happen in this game, no and even if it does, there is some way they can stop you just way too easy. SMG, those tacticals and lethals.


                      This game is horrible for a player who got used to the rushing on BO and MW3, thats why I pretty much run in to a spot and wait, kill few guys run back where I came from and the fantastic respawn system makes sure that if I won't do this, I will be shot behind by all those who I killed.


                      I don't have much of a problem even though I still try to rush, the only problem for me is simple. LAG LAG LAG, the time sI get lucky and have good connection, someone joins and ruins everything for me, there always joins someone who for some reason ***** up everyones connection and I can honestly tell you that I feel like I've only gotten advantage over other ONCE and it wasn't funny anymore.



                      Oh and uh, Remington does suck, but it got nerfed already, I wish it to pump slower or just become weaker, I don't know,

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                        Nothing was done to the shotguns and I'm glad, in fact trophy system was given more range. Seriously you guys must want a game with no challenge lol.

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                          R870 is the only Shotty I've leveled to gold, after that I rarely pick it up, but I just did because there where several Shotty guys out today. Kill fire with fire! Worked excellent. :)


                          Even if I don't like to die from a Shotty it feels MUCH worse to die from one of those AA Quickscoper wannabes who run around in Domination and never ever take a flag. Die from a Shotty CQ is what you are supposed to do but die from a guy who run and gun with a Sniper rifle feels like dying of a glitch.