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    How to recognize a aimboter

      You are on a opposite direction of an aimboter with a wall separating you and this ****... Then you walk, and suddenly the wall doesn't anymore separating you and the ****, and the aimboter turn directly on your head and kill you, kill the game, kill the fun. I saw it two times in killcams but it's like the **** believing you camping and never see you, only when the **** kill you directly, the **** making a k/d of 3.

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          Re: How to recognize a aimboter


          Aimbotters look like this pretty much

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            Re: How to recognize a aimboter

            yes some aimbots work like this but unfortunately the newer aimbots are way more advanced & the user turns it on by pressing & holding a button, as soon as the button is released the aimbot is off. so this makes it very difficult to detect when the noob using it only activates it when the enemy is directly in front of his face so it looks like he just has some great aim..


            .....and thats just the start of it......the latest aimbots have so many settings/variables which makes it alot harder to detect than you think, some aimbots have lag compensation if you play with the variables it will trail behind or infront of the target so it will look realistic. some of the better aimbots don't stay pinned to 1 body part, the aimbot can actually jog between 2 or 3 areas like head, torso, & groin. So finding an aimbotter isn't this cut and dry as watching someone snap to an enemies head & nailing headshots thru walls etc etc...


            ya have to look for the obvious signs...like...constant snaps to approaching targets thru walls or out of their FOV who are not on radar, tracking players through walls, perfect tracking aim, constant hitmarkers (rarely is a bullet wasted when firing)   if the initial aim is always a perfect snap to target no matter what distance is to the target etc etc..If all the above is happening you should know it's artificial aim.

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                Re: How to recognize a aimboter

                So aimbot isnt like a TF ? I thought from a MOWH video i ve seen that aimbots are like TF but more quick, do they shot for themselves also ?


                So the noobs do nothing ? just "drive" the soldier ? lol its so pathetic even to think about it, why would anyone do this kind of crap ?

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                    Re: How to recognize a aimboter

                    Some pathetic guys who don't understand the point of a game.

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                      Re: How to recognize a aimboter

                      it all depends how the cheater uses the aimbot.

                      heres a list of aimbot features from one of the hack sites. any thing on the list can be turned on or off. if your not looking to get caught or noticed you won't want to use the "Autobot" feature on this aimbot, having autobot on means your going to continuously snap to each enemy and pawn them all over the map thru walls etc etc...Anything auto is turned off if you want to look realistic.


                      If i was trying to fool people into thinking i was a skilled gamer i would have the Field Of View function on which means it will only target enemies who are within my field of view. I would adjust the aim speed so it didn't snap to target so fast/hard & tweak the ping correction so it doesn't track exactly on the enemy (trials infront or behind) but the bullets will land, and add  "human aim"  which im pretty sure it does the targeting in 2 steps & targets between a few body parts so they aren't pinned to your head every time making it an obvious cheat for anyone to recognize



                      - Autobot

                      - AimThru

                      - AimAt

                      - AimKey

                      - Visibility Check

                      - BoneScan

                      - Knifebot

                      - AutoSwitch

                      - Autoshoot

                      - AutoWall

                      - AutoZoom

                      - AutoProne

                      - Field Of View

                      - Human Aim

                      - Aim Speed

                      - Ping Correction

                      - Friendly Aim

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                          Re: How to recognize a aimboter

                          For Gods' shake !


                          And we are supposed to take pleasure in playing this game ?  I am 100% sure, some of the people i've encountered with and encounter till now, use those things mentioned above.


                          Some people dont even snap in kill cams. And pre-aim ONLY when enemy approaches (without uav or gunfights etc). Its not like those guys walk in corners with ads (i do that always). But those guys pre-aim in ads ONLY when enemy approaches, when not they walk freely lol.


                          Those pathetic people.


                          I wish i was a moderator for one month, it would be historic.

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