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    Call of Duty MW3 Unable to Load


      My sone has this game and it has worked fine until Saturday. Now it will not load. It recognises the CD and attempts to load.

      It sits on the black screen for about 30 secs or so then just goes back to to the standard playstation screen prior to loading.

      I have turned off removed power, cleaned the CD, and used a CD cleaner for the PS3.

      All other games work fine. Is anyone else getting this problem ? Is there a fix \ work around or do we need to wait for a bug update \fix to be released.

      The PS3 is fully updated with latest patches.

      Please Help !!!

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          Re: Call of Duty MW3 Unable to Load

          Dude never use a disc cleaner is damages the disks.  Also you just might have fried your system.  It's happened to me twice it's from overheating the unit.  To prevent it get the Nyko Fan Intercooler to keep it cold send your unit in get it fixed clip it on then your good to go.  If you keep using the system in this condition all the other games will start doing it.

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              Re: Call of Duty MW3 Unable to Load

              Thanks Natero. No issues with any other games though.

              I can't believe its an over heating problem ? Its not like its been on for hours.

              It can be turned on from cold and it still does not load properly !!

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                  Re: Call of Duty MW3 Unable to Load

                  That's what I thought but what happen is it got so hot from the fan not big enough to keep it cold it just melted the wires and caused a break in the wire which fried the blue-ray part.  What SONY recomended me was to keep it at least 3 to 4 feet off the ground and have at least a foot of air space around each side.  For those long play times they recomend a fan around it to be blowing cold air on it.  I really hope it goes well for you because i've experienced it and it's not fun.  If you decide to take it in you have to delete everything on it so nothing gets ruined well they work on it.  When you get it back just put your account back on and it will bring back all online stuff and trophies but all Campaign/career/story mode information will be forgotten.  I've had to beat all my games three times lol.  Best of luck.

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                Re: Call of Duty MW3 Unable to Load

                Try deleting the MW3 gamedata folder - you will then have to redownload the latest patch and any DLC you had as well.


                I've heard this works for alot of problems.

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