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    looking for teams to play pubs with (not a clan just players that cant find great teamates)

      Ok, so ive noticed finally i need a team to play cod, i cant just backpack people and crry teams abd still win. you always cant do that. im looking ofr olayers that can hold there own (not that kd matters but for some kinda proof at least above 1.31, its not great but its something you can stand on and say i can hold my own.) and i need 4 or 5 or 6. and we will play dom,KC,TDM< and maybe combat if you get bored of pub mp but i usually dont do that.As for me dont think i suck (not bragging) i hold my own quite well and usually am top 1 or 2 maybe 3 on leaderboard after the match is over.kinda new to playing full teams so gimme a hour or two and ill be used to doing callouts, assist etc. please respond if interested. and well chat its not like ill sit there mute and play just doing callouts like a frickin robot. hopefully well play and have fun, again respond if interested.

      my gamertag is excissionz