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        when host, you cant even win 90/10 fight, meaning you should win 90% of the time. Just now, I approached a guy from behind, took cover so only my top 1/4 was visible, and shot him several times, he turned and bang, i'm dead. I quick, host migration.

        i can tell you this, when i am not host, my KD is kicking around 4.0, when i am, its about 1.0. Such is the disadvantage.

        When i am host, about 50% of my kills come from betty's.

        • 21. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

          Don't worry everyone Treyarch will attempt to patch and fix these problems in November they might even attempt a patch on the first of November instead of waiting until the launch of the next CoD.

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            I am guessing they are doing anything they can do to buy time because BO2 will be the last COD made exclusively for current generation consoles. With the new consoles will come a new game engine. Right now, they are trying to invest the smallest amount of time and effort they can fixing issues on this engine knowing it's soon retiring.

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              To be honest, my experience hosting in BO2 isn't as bad as MW3's hosting at launch.


              I've got a decent connection and my mates who party up rarely have problems when playing on my host connection.


              My post isn't trying to dismiss your complaints of hosting as my experience differs from others but that's just my experience of hosting so far.

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                The new consoles might be coming out next year so I have no clue.

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                  i have the same problem exept i my lag is motsly because of my older sister and my area.

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                    your dead wrong. If you are the host then the lag comp will leave you with a neg KD. They need to fix this otherwise all the regular hosts will force migration every game

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                      Out of all my other online multiplayer xbox games, black ops 2 is the only game where lag issues are noticeably present. Until I started playing black ops 2 I hadn't even had a moment where I said to myself "bull **** that was lag".. Unless of course it was a crazy lag spike, that can happen in any game.

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                        The video is incorrect lets put the scenario to you...


                        I join a game mid way - not as host, bullets register and kill people and go 25 and 9. The next game, the host migrates right at the beginning and I pull host... I go 0 and 8 before dashboarding. Every kill is round corners - I watch killcam and according to the enemy i'm on their screen a good half a second before I see him.


                        Scenario 2 - Join a game, go about even as it's hijacked, but get a lot of kills as you do. If I remember it was about 22 and 21 I got... Anyways, next game I'm made the host on hijacked again.. I go 4 and 13 before dashboarding again running half a second behind.


                        So sorry, the host has no advantage whatsoever because they have everyones connection running through their modem, then falling victim to rewind time lag compensation - meaning my gameplay is constantly being set back by 100-500ms to compensate the lag - which doesn't obviously work, because my character sees people later than someone who isn't host!  Do these inept pathetic morons at Treyarch not understand this?

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                          Messing with your ports only helps matchmaking. Do some research on NAT.

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