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        Considering the horrid connection in this game I wouldn't put much weight in KD.....especially if you're a rusher. Mine is 1.04, but I'm a full map rusher. I don't hold down a section of the map. I am constantly circling it.

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          Your k/d dropped that much from 1 gun?

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            If it's above 1.0 in tdm then you are helping your team, in objective games it doesn't matter. CoD`s problem is the overall kd. It should only be viewable in tdm, ffa, and kc maybe. Everything else shouldn't count. Overall kd ruins objective games imo.

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              Hard to tell for many reasons, most of which are stated above. I've been a solid 2k/d player in the last three CODs but this game I hover around 1.5. Pretty sure the difference in my case is a mix of connection issues and added incentive for objective play which makes the pace of games generally faster. I never tried to cap the other teams home flag in Dom on other CODs but now it's pretty tempting. I heard that the official average in COD is around 1 and with skill-based matchmaking that might have even gone down a bit in BO2.

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                Me too. I do laps around the maps, guns blazing lol... I have a 1.18 K/D to show for it, far from what many would consider good. But I've noticed that many of these "good players" with 2+ K/D ratios are mostly objective campers, even tho they would argue that they're not.

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                  Anything above 1 is good - because on average you're killing people more than you're dying.


                  That said KD is irrelevant in this game, because skill based matchmaking hasn't worked (surprise surprise) - Most lobbies consist of 1 or 2 players that have a 2+kd, about 6 will have around 1KD then the rest will have below 1 KD... So with such a wide range, this is not skill based matchmaking, and all you're showing with a high KD is that you've taken advantage of the weak skill based matchmaking, and probably only played in lobbies with negative KD players and backed out of any that show a challenge.

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                    NOTHING! if your playing if your playing objective based game modes then KDR means bugger all...


                    Take KDR out of everything but TDM and FFA imho..


                    Its ruining the game with killwhores and campers...

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                      That is not true my k/d is 1.54 (370 spm) and I rush, gun's blazing. Occasionally I used to get smashed up a bit but there is a difference between rushing straight into the other spawn, and doing it and figuring out were the campers on the other team are hiding.


                      I do agree with the fact that the majority of k/d's over 2 are campers though. I would guess that 90% of +2 k/d are campers, maybe more. I have only ever met a cpouple of players with a k/d that high and thought that they were really good.

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                          I think anything over a kd of one would be average.

                          I have a 0.78 kd mostly because as soon as I started the game, i dove straight into getting camos for the combat knife and the rest of the specials so I could get diamond camos. once I'm done, i'll attempt to raise it above 1.10